Bionworks: Catalyzing Clinical Productivity with a Mobile Healthcare Suite

CIO Vendor Healthcare in India is witnessing significant transformation with the shift in factors such as population growth and consumer expectations. While technology adoption in the larger primary carespace has been exponential, the smaller, acute carespace is slowly but steadily moving towards technology innovation and is expected to grow considerably in the coming few years to match the growth in the primary care space. However, despite the enormous potential for growth within the industry, the healthcare sector still faces significant challenges in implementing effective IT solutions and is in need of new generation technology that can leverage the Cloud and mobility to bring greater efficiencies and standardize the overall quality of healthcare. Acknowledging this dire need, Bangalore headquartered Bionworks endeavors to empower healthcare providers with a complete mobility suite to help them optimize clinical operations and drive better patient outcomes.

Incepted in early 2016, Bionworks was founded by a team of visionaries and technologists with over three decades of expertise in designing and building hospital information systems. With a vision to bring mobile technology that can improve productivity for healthcare providers, Bionworks has designed a comprehensive mobility suite- Health plug, which serves to streamline operations for the hospital workforce and enable efficient multidisciplinary teamwork through mobile driven clinical workflows. “Enterprise healthcare has a unique set of problems to be addressed and our experts, with over45 years of combined experience in enterprise healthcare IT, have ensured that Health plug solves the right problems to maximize value for our customers,” affirms Chandrashekhar BC, Director& CEO.

Through its suite of Health plug mobile apps, Bionworks enables healthcare providers to connect their hospital workforce,improve
productivity and deliver a better patient experience. With a completely flexible, healthcare-specific workflow tool set, this
solution endows healthcare providers and their business consultants with the ability to monitor processes over real time dashboards as well as a reporting toolset for custom analytics, thereby allowing hospitals to identify resource intensive steps and process constraints. Further more, this framework also allows hospitals and consultants to quickly carry out process modifications, regulate process changes, assess the impact and enact this cyclically to achieve outcomes in the most effective manner. Their app, Health plug MD, is designed to enhance the productivity of doctors and nurses by equipping them with patient information, orders, referrals and clinical documentation. This application reduces the time consumed in transferring information from and into desktop systems while also ensuring the timely performance of processes that span a large part of the workforce.

With a vision to bring mobile technology that can improve productivity for healthcare providers, Bionworks has designed a comprehensive mobility suite- Healthplug

Despite a recent beginning in the healthcare IT market, Bionworks’ propensity for innovation as well as the combined experience of its versatile team has helped the company gain an edge over its competitors. The company intends to leverage this expertise to build innovation in tele health, artificial intelligence and bottechnology, to improve decision-making and user productivity in the organized sector. With an award winning implementation at Artemis Hospital and with big names such as Medanta and AMRI hospitals amongst their clients, Bionworks hopes to grow into a niche leader in enterprise healthcare mobility in the upcoming future.