Nafasys Technologies: Elevating Operational Efficiency with Effective Healthcare IT Solutions & Heal

CIO Vendor India's healthcare IT market is experiencing a new wave of progress and opportunities. Today's healthcare providers rely more on healthcare IT solutions to bring healthcare closer to patients with cost effective health care automation. However, healthcare IT penetration cannot be attained if the cost for maintenance, service ability, and upgrades are high. Moreover, customers demand customized healthcare solutions and focus on paying only for features they use rather than for a complete package. In this instance, Bangalore-headquartered Nafasys Technologies offers speciality specific out patient, inpatient and other software solutions as well as customized healthcare solutions of extremely high quality for accomplishing operational efficiency. “Over a decade, Nafasys has been providing customized healthcare solutions. Our solutions are unique as they are developed and enhanced through continuous feedback from our elite customers with support for handwritten prescription. Our copyrighted healthcare solutions provide precise fit rather than generic fit to our customers’ needs” explains Kadar Ali, CEO of Nafasys Technologies. Perceiving necessity to increase both operational efficiency and profitability, it offers a medical management solution named NafaCare RxEMR which ensures that aspects like costof acquisition, cost of maintenance, serviceability and cost of upgrades are within reach, and facilitates to pay only for features customers use rather than for complete package. Under NafaCare RxEMR,it brings out a products portfolio which comprises of NafaCare Rx-EMR Enterprise for Hospital, NafaCare xEMR Nursing home, NafaCare RxEMR Chain of Clinics, NafaCare RxEMR Clinic, NafaCare RxEMR Pharmacy, NafaCare RxEMR Lab, NafaCare RxEMR camera integrated OP for Dermatology and NafaCare RxEMR Ayurveda OPD,

According to Kadar Ali,“Nafasys provides both customer specific and effective software solutions. We attain continuous feedback from active users and that has made NafaCare RxEMR a much appreciated and recommended healthcare software solution. A complete healthcare software for digital India initiative and also a support for rural healthcare with telemedicine”.
NafaCare RxEMR software provides a user configurable customized workflow adaptation & automation software system. Effectiveness is ingrained in NafaCare RxEMR by optimizing cost-effective software as well as hardware. As Doctor’s prescription is still expected in a handwritten form which can connect doctor and patients more personally, NafaCare RxEMR also supports handwritten prescription on doctors' usual letterhead using normalink.“There is no activity of digitally printing a prescription, affixed withs canned signature of the doctor. All prescriptions are manually written on the digital pad and digitized instantly without any additional activity or specially formatted paper. There is not raining or computer skill required for doctors to use this system. Also NafaCare RxEMR solution features an easy creation of a prescription by typing or selecting from a defined list using a tablet or standard computers,” adds Kadar Ali.

We attain continuous feedback from active users and that has made NafaCare RxEMR a much appreciated and recommended healthcare software solution

While taking NafaCare RxEMR Enterprise variant into account, it encompasses various functionalities like Billing Management, Bed Management, Ward Management, Nursing station management, Patient Drug administration and Treatment management,Stores consumption and tracking, Discharge management, Lab Management and Pharmacy management.Further more, it delivers in depth reports for the analysis of financial management, marketing and other management functions with Android support as well.

Offering effective healthcare solutions,Nafasys concentrates on bringing a measurable change to increase the effectiveness of healthcare management,there by leading to lower cost of healthcare delivery to patients.“We are planning to come up with a complete platform for healthcare delivery to reinforce growth of healthcare IT and are currently working with investors to take the innovation to the next level,”signs off Kadar Ali.