Raster Images: Deploying Cost Effective Solutions that Adhere to International Standards

CIO Vendor Leading researchers have predicted the Healthcare industry in the nation to grow at a competent rate, making this segment a promising market with ample business opportunities. Significantly low doctor-patient ratio in India will be a major catalyst in this growth story.

While the industry still struggles to draw attention towards faster and accurate identification of diseases and quality of patient care, the present day tech savvy patients are now demanding more from Healthcare service providers. Thankfully, the advent of AI based analytics and cutting edge data collection and storage solutions have significantly bridged this gap.

Initially incepted as an in-house Information Technology division of SKS Hospital, Tamil Nadu based Raster Images started its operations in 1998. Today, standing tall as an independent healthcare IT solution provider the firm has come a long way from catering to the internal needs of one hospital, to delivering solutions implemented in leading healthcare institutes such as AIIMS, New Delhi; Adyar Cancer Institute, Chennai; Vydehi Hospital and Medical College,Bangalore along with a number of international implementations in USA, South East Asia, South Africa and Australia.

Taking us closer to Raster’s state-of-the-art solutions, Dr. Suresh Viswanathan, MD Raster Images, elucidates, “The core components of our solutions are PACS,RIS, HMIS, and a dedicated skill set for Interfacing of Lab Equipment along with other monitoring equipments across the hospital ecosystem.” He further adds,“The solutions we deploy are OS agnostic and only require a browser.” Moreover, keeping in view the utmost importance that images play in the diagnosis of any health issue, the firm has designed their solutions to enable the physician to access the radio logical images on the go using his/her device,be it a phone, tablet or laptop. Yet another
advantage of Raster’s solutions is the high scalability feature that they provide. Herein Suresh Viswanathan amiably remarks,“Scalability of our solutions can be fathomed by the scale of our client’s operations.”What’s more,the solutions deployed by the firm are cost effective and in adherence to the International standards of DICOM, HIPPA, LOINC, HL7, ICD10 and SNOMED.

A key feature that differentiates the firm is the fact that this is not just a Healthcare IT company but rather a Healthcare IT entity that was developed and shaped in a hospital

Raster boasts of a well-equipped Research & Development facility which is driven by a team of highly qualified, experienced and committed professionals. A key feature that differentiates the firm is the fact that this is not just a Healthcare IT company but rather a Healthcare IT entity that was developed and shaped in a hospital. Hence we see Raster moulded by the belief that technology is only an enabler in the process of delivering enhanced healthcare services. With an emphasis on establishing lasting relationships and responsible business practices,the firm partners with organizations, supporting them in the process of architecting their'Next Generation Business Model' which takes into account the inputs of the various stakeholders as well as the challenges while driving these solutions.

Every project here is initiated after a detailed and systematic study of the client's needs leaving ample space for customizations. The firm’s clients including medical institutes have cited the firm as a 'Trusted Adviser' and have often extended appreciation for the team for their 'easy to work with' attitude. Envisaging a successful road ahead, the MD concluded, “In this era of technological reforms and advancements and greater efficiencies Raster Images deliver care to patients.”