Sidqam Technologies: Enhancing Healthcare Delivery with Better Integrated Healthcare Platform

CIO Vendor Technology revolutionizing the healthcare domain seems to be well under way. Healthcare providers and patients have begun to realize that the need to maintain good health is imperative and have begun integrating technology within hospitals and other healthcare facilities. But recipients face in tense apprehensions towards incorporating technology within these processes and going paperless with the fear of breaking years of practices followed, fashioned in a particular way.

Vendors also need to ensure the seamless integration of multiple applications onto a single platform promoting ease of use. But these hindrances are not insurmountable as led to believe. Delhi based Sidqam technologies spearheads these dilemmas with their novel flag ship product Eventus.

The team with their industry rich experience have ventured into the healthcare domain with their company, Sidqam Technologies. The company is an IT solution provider focused on the provision of healthcare systems and mobile applications for healthcare professionals and patients alike. Eventus Clinic, Eventus Speciality Clinic, Eventus Hospital, Eventus Lab and Eventus Pharmacy are the list of a futuristic suite of products provided by Sidqam Technologies.

Probing further into the company’s signature product, Eventus, it is a cloud-based, digital healthcare management/EHR system that improves the recording, management, and sharing of clinical and administrative data. Essentially, Event us is a multidevice application, underpinned by the SNOMED CT terminology and ISO EN13606 to help achieve structured and standardized data at the point-of-care.
Additionally, the Event us Hospital suite incorporates customizable queue management system, patient registration and appointment booking system, deciding and routing services to various OPD, IPD, and Casualty units. Rahil Qamar Siddiqui, Co-founder and Director, Sidqam Technologies affirms, “All modules integrate seamlessly with each other including the billing, reporting, discharge summaries, birth/death reporting and other supporting modules to provide a holistic and paper free experience to the hospital customers.

The company is an IT solution provider focused on the provision of healthcare systems and mobile applications for healthcare professionals and patients alike

"Complimenting the aforementioned product is Eventus Clinic that permits complete patient and clinic management system, maintenance of patient documents while simultaneously maintaining a log of outstanding payments. Rahil further adds, “Through the use of clinical coding standards such as SNOMEDCT, FDA drugs and Jan Aushadhi Paryojna drugs, we assist clinics to derive business intelligence through local data analytics.” Assuring comfort, Sidqam Technologies delivers customized consultation reports and prescriptions that can be digitally transferred to the patients Eventuslifeaccount, which can be accessed through the web portal or on the Android or iPhone mobile app.Continually striving to deliver better healthcare, Sidqam Technologies aims to continue evolving as a top-notch healthcare IT software products provider in India. Rahilreveals, “We’re building an ecosystem to provide software products for all healthcare touchpoints a patient might ever require.” In the next five years, the company envisions expanding into other areas such as seamless device integration, wearables technologies and big data analytics without compromising on their basic promise of data security and quality.