Aavanor: Go Paperless with Feature Rich and Enhanced HER

CIO Vendor The Indian healthcare industry is a fast growing sector with a multitude of opportunities to be reaped. With India’s tremendous population,the demand is generated but it is the supply that needs to be addressed. However,India’s existing infrastructure coupled with accessibility to doctors, reports and billing is not sufficient to cater to the growing demand. This leads to the Indian population’s inability to avail access to timely and quality medical care. Witnessing this, the government and private sector alike have begun implementing eHealth portals for quality healthcare delivery. Yet the lack of effective payment modules, inability to use the application beyond 60 percent of its capacity and doctor’s preference to use traditional modes of healthcare delivery leads to a huge setback in development. Aavan or, headquartered in Tamil Nadu, acts as a catalyst to improve the quality of healthcare in India with their feature rich Doc 99 offering. M. Vennimalai, CEO and Managing Director, Aavan or affirms, “90 percent‘Digitisation’of any healthcare facility is eminently possible with 12 to 18 months of commencement of implementing Doc99. It is when this jump from60 percent digital to 90 percent digital happens, that we see adrop in patient ‘incidents’ and cost benefits. Compliance with accreditation standards improves dramatically, that is impossible with partial automation.

”Making quality healthcare accessible and the process involved less cumbersome for 16years, Doc99 allows the deposit of money into a wallet in the application called‘q..less Money and use the money to pay for any service or product within the hospital using the patient’s
mobile phone or via remote payment. Vennimalai elaborates, “Your bills are available instantly and filed away for reference at any point later. Hospitals can also reduce costs by making printing of bills optional – a huge step forward in going truly paperless in the organisation.”

Aavanor acts as a catalyst to improve the quality of healthcare in India with their feature rich Doc99 offering

Additionally, in tandem with the doctor’s requirements and further encouraging a paperless environment, Aavan or offers eBook EMR that displays all of the patient’s information including images and diagnostics, chronologically in an eBook on screen that Doctors and Nurses find very easy to understand. Further more, on par with trending technologies, one can operate the EMR via android app mHealth. This app permits patients to book appointments and to continually update their medical status; receive interactive medication alerts; view and refill prescriptions; have tele consultations with the doctor.

Continually striving to improve patient healthcare and better hospital management, Aavan or envisions understanding the industry better and refining their solution to suit its needs. Always believing in starting a fresh once every four to five years, the company intends on starting their next complete new product build shortly. “I cannot say for certain but I believe that the next build will focus more on artificiall intelligence,” signs off Vennimalaion a positive note.