iPhysicianHub: Empowering Patients and Healthcare Providers through Innovative Solutions

CIO Vendor As Health-IT is poised to play a major role in influencing the way healthcare is delivered, managed, and consumed, with one of the largest mobile internet user base in the world, India has the potential to outpace other countries and become one of the largest Health-IT markets in the world. However, choosing the right Health-IT solution has become a tricky and an expensive proposition for any healthcare provider. AsDr. Saritha Regulapati faced a similar problem, she helped launchi Physician Hub to establish a network of independent healthcare providers,including doctors, hospitals, labs, and pharmacies, to form local independent provider hubs so that they can connect with each other and avail the free healthcare solutions. “We feel this isa win-win situation for the healthcare providers as they can start with free solutions first, and add additional solutions and services to improve their care delivery and patient reach when ever they are ready,” remarked Dr. Regulapati.

Affordable Solutions for Healthcare Providers
iPhysician Hub’s approach to the India market is unique as it is setup as an independent nationwide healthcare provider network and offers customized Electronic Medical Office™(EMO) solutions to different types of small and independent healthcare providers, including EMO-iClinic for medical/dental/homeopathy/ayurvedic clinics, EMO iHIS for small hospitals/nursing homes, EMO iDiagnostics for independent diagnostic labs,and EMO iPharmacy for local pharma cystores, which are typically slow to adopt Health-IT solutions due tolack of budget or qualified personnel. Doctors can use EMO iClinic to setup their Electronic Medical Office and start managing their outpatient clinic and interact with their patients from any location.

Similarly, diagnostic labs can use EMO iDiagnostics to manage online booking, receive online orders from the doctors, and share the results with the patients and the doctors as soon as they are available. Also, with EMO iPharmacy, independent pharmacy stores and medical
shops can setup their online pharmacy, manage their inventory, receive online orders both from the doctors and the patients, and send regular patient reminders through Text or Email for refills and order pickups. Doctors and healthcare facilities can use the mobile apps to manage their operations and interact with patients any where and anytime. Also, patients can use iHealth Assistant™, which acts like a personal health assistant to manage their health, track vitals, store records,manage and order medications, booklab orders, and connect with doctors, hospitals, labs, and pharmacies.

iPhysician Hub’s approach to the India market is unique as it is setup as an independent nationwide healthcare provider network

Apart from free desktop solutions,iPhysicianHub also offers value added services to all the healthcare facilities,including digital marketing, patient reach out through SMS, etc., based on each healthcare facility needs.Also, healthcare providers can use iPhysician hub’s payment solution, which is GST compliant and supports multiple cash and cashless payment options, including Paytm, debit/credit card, and online bank payment. With multiple solutions & services and apps for health care providers and the patients,iPhysician Hub seemst o act as a one-stop-shop for Health-IT needs for healthcare providers in India, especially small and mediumsized healthcare facilities.

“iPhysicianHub is in a good position to play a vital role in the Health-IT market expansion in India,and in the process become one of the largest healthcare provider networks in the country,” states Ramdev Regula pati, President of the company. The company aims to expand iPhysician Hub Healthcare Network to cover all the states and reach a majority of the population through their nationwide provider network and patient app. iPhysicianHub is slowly treading towards achieving this goal and has a provider presence in many states. iPhysicianHub is also poised to expand their integrated healthcare provider network in some neighboring countries too.