ProEmTech Infosystems: Simplifying HealthcareProcesses with Advanced IT Products

CIO Vendor In the advanced technology era,healthcare leaders strive for ground breaking solutions to increase operational efficiency,ameliorate care quality and attain effectiveness. Today, myriad technology players step to the fore with unprecedented healthcare ITproducts. However, these healthcare providers necessitate innovative partners who are capable to perceive their existing process requirements and deliver tailor made solutions to address them. This is where Bangalore headquartered ProEmTech Infosystems Private Limited sets foot in healthcare IT realm with its custom products to fulfill its clients' Healthcare IT and Healthcare inter operability requirements. “We offer integrated solution which connects people (Care givers and Patients) and devices (Medical equipment’s). Our products bring improvement in patient engagements and data protection, better technical feasibility, operational enhancement, analytical features and great experience”,unveils Mrs.Argy Thomas, CEO of ProEmTech Infosystems. For healthcare ambience, ProEmTech offers a products portfolio which comprises of software products named ProMed,MIRepo, LabNetX and Doct Assist etc., and hardware products like DoctScript, anges and PresenZ to bring healthcare closer to patient.

According to Argy Thomas,“Weare a healthcare IT startup led by women entrepreneurs,which focuses on innovation and development of new healthcare IT software and hardware products. We believe that the combination of hardware and software will give value addition to the healthcare sector”.The company has a dedicated R&D wing named PhilArg which endeavours to adapt new technologies in addition to developing innovative IoT products for healthcare realm. It is one of the healthcare IT solution providers which has incorporated Biomedical Waste Management in the HIS.

ProEmTech's product ProMed,a complete Hospital Management and
Information System, aids healthcare providers like hospitals,clinics and diagnostics centers to perform diversified processes such as Booking Appointments Online or Offline, Manage Out Patient Queue, e-Prescriptions and Clinical Reporting, Processing Diagnostics Tests, Assets booking, Dispersing Medicines, Managing In Patients and Processing Insurance Claims etc. Apart from these features, ProEmTech is in the process of adding a comprehensive clinical data analytic tool which is based on the proprietary algorithm developed by them. Furthermore, ProEmTech's product LabNetX can act as an add on library for ProMed or an independent application which acts as an interface between Medical Equipment like Laboratory Equipments and ICU Monitors etc.,and ProMed. “Like our other products, LabNetX follows HL7 & FHIR standards. It supports multiple protocols and has a data set of more than 60 medical equipments,”shares Argy Thomas.

We are a healthcare IT startup led by women entrepreneurs, which focuses on innovation and development of new healthcare IT software and hardware products

Certainly, ProEmTech's product DoctAssist is capable to address the Clinical as well as Accounting needs of clinics, without investing more onIT Infrastructure. It can be used for aSingle Doctor Clinic with or with out networking capability. Additionally,ProEmTech delivers MIRepo(Medical Investigation Repository), aweb application for accessing medical records of patients. MIRepo along with ProMed acts as a Hybrid system which serves online and offline requirements of healthcare providers.

Currently,ProEmTech has a bunch of stable software and hardware products to address major challenges of healthcare segment.“At present,ProEmTech concentrates on developing new IoT and IoMT products which are pre integrated with our existing softwares,”signs off Argy Thomas.