Saince HealthTech: Reshaping with Innovative Clinical Solutions

CIO Vendor In India there is one doctor available for every thousand citizens. And there are 0.9 beds available perthous and patients.

These figures truly paint a gloomy picture of the Indian healthcare landscape. Moreover, it is a necessity for healthcare to be locally available. A child in need of a paediatrician or a pregnant lady in need a maternity hospitals Should be able to find one within a reasonable distance. If one looks deeper,we see that the small base of resources and infrastructure that are currently available are highly skewed towards urban areas.

Disparities such as these will be hard to close-in with in a short duration. Thankfully, we have technologies by our side which can significantly help in bridging this gap. A strong IT network infrastructure such as a robust telecommunication network and internet infrastructure is a chief determinant in this regard. However, adoption of IT to enhance healthcare services has been relatively weak. Providing further insight into this regressive trend that appears to be overshadowing the development of the healthcare segment in emerging economies, Raghu Vir, CEO of Saince HealthTech, opines,“Healthcare IT is still in its early stages of adoption. Hence, we see that it is being primarily implemented for the purposes of running business and administrative processes such as patient registration, billing, pharmacy, inventory, payroll etc. Adoption of technology in clinical workflows is still nascent.It is technologies like electronic medical records, clinical decision support systems,CPOE and e-prescriptions that significantly impact the quality of care provided and patient outcomes”.

Saince HealthTech, headquartered in Hyderabad, is a healthcare IT and clinical documentation solution and services company. Incepted as a subsidiary of Saince USA, the team fore saw a great opportunity for their solutions to make an impact in the emerging economies of the world and improve the quality of healthcare services rendered in these regions. Bringing forth an experiences panning across 15 years in enabling hospitals ,health systems and physician offices leverage healthcare technologies, Saince HealthTech has now rolled out a number of state-of-the-art healthcare IT solutions that not only seek to lower the costs of treatment but also to enhance the quality of care delivered.

A bridge between Physicians and Patients
Addressing the challenge of low physician to patient ratio,Saince HealthTech has launched Qural Healthcare,a completely free web and mobile App that connects patients and doctors. Holding one of the largest databases of physicians, pharmacies, labs and other stakeholders, Qural has more than a million doctors, half a million pharmacies and over fifty thousand labs in its database. Physicians from different locations, specializing in different areas can create their profiles and accounts for free. Similarly, patients can create their accounts as well and search for doctors to connect with them. Once connected, doctors can provide consultation to the patients irrespective of the location.

Highlighting some of the unique features of the product, the CEO says,“Qural Healthcare provides all clinical documentation tools including electronic prescriptions to the doctor to provide highquality care to the patient. Qural comes integrated with India’s first and most comprehensive electronic database of generic and brand drugs. Doctors can also write lab and imaging orders using Qural. Moreover, the solution not only allows an individual to manage their personal medical information but his/her entire family’s medical information in one convenient location”.

Enterprise-grade Solutions for SMBs
“A true filmless environment accelerates speed of care, increases efficiency and reduces costs significantly. This is especially true in a country like India where there is an acute shortage of radiologists”,opines, Raghu Vir. Carrying this idea forward, Saince has developed comprehensive enterprise imaging solutions that includes PACS and VNA in the area of medical imaging. The solutions can be leveraged by global enterprises and small independent imaging centres alike to streamline operations, improve workflows, enhance patient care and increase profitability. Extending the benefit of enterprise grade features to small hospitals and imaging centers, Saince has deployed the PACS solution in cloud as well. Raghu Vir reveals that currently PACS-in-the-Cloud is the largest cloud imaging service provider in the country.

Streamlined Operations
Saince is also the first company in India to introduce an indigenously designed and developed, truly world class radiology information system. Available in multiple languages and in multiple countries, Saince RIS is equipped with customizable workflows, HL7 interfaces, modality work lists, patient scheduling and many other features that streamline the workflows of radiology department in hospitals. The solution also features a referring physician portal which comes integrated with it.With this, physicians can not only write and send orders to the hospital but also access reports and view images including x-rays, CT, MRI etc. The solution also brings n the ability to interface with any HIS system using an HL7 interface.
Cutting Costs and the Time Consumed
Saince’s Teleradiology solution significantly reduces the time and cost associated with transferring images to radiologists. In emerging countries such as ours many x-rays and similar reports are moved manually from one location to the other. With Saince’s Teleradiology Solution, the same task can be achieved in a few seconds and images can be moved across the country or the world, there by speeding up the care cycle and some time seven saving precious lives. In fact, in the US Saince’s Teleradiology solution is able to deliver customers a quick turn around time of 30 minutes or less.

Saince HealthTech has rolled out a number of state-of-theart healthcare IT solutions that not only seek to lower the costs of treatment but also to enhance the quality of care delivered

Expertise over Technology
What has enabled Saince HealthTech to cater to the specific needs of the healthcare industry and develop solutions to mitigate the various challenges is their collaboration with hundreds of hospitals and tens of thousands of doctors. With the expertise in utilizing latest technologies while designing clinical workflows, the firm not only improves the quality of care and patient outcomes but also exerts dominance over the market. Unlike a number of solution providers in the Healthcare IT segment who are still in the process of incorporating international standards into their solutions, Saince HealthTech, since the very beginning, has ensured to incorporate international standards like HL7, FHIR,DICOM, LOINC etc; and the best practices into their workflow design.

In line with the current trends in mobility, Saince has designed all of its solutions for extensive use on mobile and smart devices. Speaking on Saince’s ability to enable physicians and healthcare institutes to leverage mobilet technologies,Raghu Vir elaborates,“All of our medical imaging solutions enable radiologists and physicians to access and view images on any of their smart devices including iOS and Android. We also have solutions like Qural which are designed with mobile-first strategy”. He further adds, “Our philosophy at Saince is to make best-of-the-breed tools available to the physician at the point of care.”

The Road Ahead
Raghu Vir foresees the healthcare industry in emerging economies and in India at a point of inflection and anticipates the industry to soon look at IT as a strategic tool.With aggressive plans of growth we can expect Saince HealthTech to continue introducing revolutionary solutions like Qural Healthcare that have the capability to significantly re-shape the healthcare landscape in the future. Winding up the conversation, a resolute RaghuVir unveils,“We are currently working on integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies into our clinical solutions in USA to help physicians arrive at better clinical decisions while providing patient care. We will soon introduce the solutions in the Indian markets and I am confident that these solutions will help the Indian healthcare industry immensely.

”Mumbai based Jaslok Hospital had failed to extract value from a number of PACS solutions implemented over a period of time. Complex workflows and complicated IT infrastructure had proved to be the major stumbling blocks in the process. However, the outcome was very different when the hospital went live with Saince’s PACS solution. Ever since the implementation of Saince’s PACS two years back, Jaslok Hospital has experienced significant Improvement in operations and efficiency.

In another instance, Saince integrated all the medical imaging workflows across all three locations of Ramesh Hospitals into one single workflow. Ramesh Hospitals with three different hospital branches shared a lot of duplicate infrastructure. Additionally, the workflows there were manual and prone to error. RaghuVir adds, “Using Saince’s RIS solution, the hospital is now able to schedule patients on the fly, minimize patient data errors, eliminate duplicate data entry, improve reporting turn around time and increase referring physician satisfaction. We also successfully integrated our RIS with their HIS solution and gave the users a seamless workflow process.”

These are just two of the many stories of successful implementation of innovative solutions by Saince which not only enabled the clients to realize the benefits of Healthcare IT but also proved the firm’s competency in the field. Paediatric specific Solution Unique to the Indian market, Pedia Saince is another solution by Saince HealthTech. Designed specifically for paediatricians, PediaSaince is a web-based, electronic medical records application available both as on premise solution and as annual subscription from the cloud. Equipped with workflows and treatment templates, the solution enables paediatricians to cater to the needs of infants and children including neonates.