Sukraa Software Solution

CIO Vendor A midst the increasing awareness about the necessity for universal healthcare and the struggle to overcome the challenges of unequal access and poor infrastructure and connectivity, India has emerged as a land brimming with opportunity for global service providers in the Healthcare industry. In light of the recent developments,it may come to be of little surprise to learn that the Healthcare IT market in India is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 14.02 percent till 2019.

A key player in the segment that has not only withstood the test of time but also stayed ahead with latest technologies, meeting the burgeoning demands of the industry is Chennai based Sukraa Software Solution. Leveraging an extensive experience of 14 years in project implementations, Sukraa engages to bring about predictability and continuity in processes and sustainability in quality. Automating wide array operations, the firm has put forth, Sukraa Hospital Management System, Sukraa Laboratory Information Management System, Picture Archiving and Communications System along with allied services designed to address the contradictions and pressures that govern the medical industry.

Accelerating Healthcare Business
Taking us through one of the unique features of the Hospital Management System, Sridhar Pari poornam, MD - Sukraa, explains, “The solution works based on an open architecture that facilitates seamless integration between various patient touch points and back-office processes. Key functions such as inventory management, procurement,human resource, ward management, finance are well defined and automated for speedy execution into one state of the art platform.”

The Managing Director highlights more elaborately in this edition about the different inventory automation implemented in different departments namely;Pharmacy, Laboratory, Consignment, Asset, Linen,OT,CSSD.

Grow Beyond Boundaries with Sukraa’s Automation
Speaking about the Laboratory Information Management System, the
director explains that the solution ensures that all departments in the laboratory are seamlessly integrated into a completely secure environment. Here in he adds,“This is made possible with our unique, centralized intranet /internet lab bar coding solution that is among the first to be introduced in India.”Further,the solution also automates interfacing with the analyzers. The easy to navigate solution enables the registration of approximately 360 patients within an hour, significantly improving the laboratory’s promptness and efficiency which automatically translates into tangible benefits.

Leveraging an extensive experience of 14 years in projectimplementations,Sukraa engages to bring about predictability and continuity in processes and sustainability in quality

System based on Robust Technology
Unmatched post-sales support along with quality control, extensive inventory management module, and ability to bring down costs by almost 25 percent are the prime factors that strongly differentiate Sukraa. The various solutions are powered by a sturdy business intelligent tool which empowers physicians and clinicians with all the required information under one electronic dashboard, thereby enabling faster and accurate decision making. Apart from the aforementioned products, Sukraa also delivers software and web application development services, smart card and barcoding technologies and biometrics identifiers which enable health institutes to incorporate cutting edge technologies into their operations.

The firm is moving forward in the segment with the aim to emerge as one of the top 10 Healthcare software development companies in the nation by 2022. With the commitment towards transparent and responsible business practices with unparalleled benefits for the employees and clients, Sukraa envisions to continue delivering solution that will address the challenges faced by healthcare industry.