AES Technologies: Turning a Conventional Hospital into a Super- efficient, Modern Digital Medical Center

Ramesh Bhoopathi Raju, CEO
Coimbatore-based enterprise level software development company has come out with a modern, efficient hospital management system that turns a traditional brick and mortar hospital into a digital medical Facility that can be accessed from any where on the globe.

For the medical practitioners and administrators, the new hospital management system that addresses productivity, patient treatment, and scalability is available from the house of AES Technologies, Coimbatore. Leveraging state of-the-art technologies, the new system achieves digitalization of conventional system at hospitals to enable the hospitals to transform the way they operate.

Ramesh Bhoopathi Raju, CEO, AES Technologies, says, “HIMS software that works as ERP model brings about total integration of all functional areas and facilitates automation and real time availability of information for better decision making. The company’s software named I.C.E Apple offers completely integrated systems that make hospital administration more efficient. Naturally this lends to improving patient care experience.

AES Technologies, through their I.C.E. Apple – Mobile App have designed intuitive user interface providing ease for patients to access healthcare even at remote locations. The system allows providing remote healthcare monitoring and consultations. The app also provides emergency access to nurses and medical practitioners. The application is one that will set new benchmarks in modern healthcare. What is more, for India, the software is in compliance with Indian healthcare standards like NABH, NABL, HL7 and JCI.

“Nowadays hospitals and laboratories are facing major problems in
the storage and retrieval of their data. We have created a system of centralized software which can integrate all the functional areas. We have the capability of handling the huge volume of data retrieval and storage. More than a storage and retrieval system, I.C.E Apple performs as an intelligence system. With I.C.E. Apple, the information is now available even in the mobile app; even the past medical records can be accessed in the app itself,” Ramesh explains. In other words, this is how Digital Hospitals are created.

Now, it is easy for hospitals to deploy cost effective methods to ensure efficiency of operations and gain scalability. The software is suitable to hospitals of all sizes and it will soon be available on cloud platform. AES Technologies has devised flexible architecture for their HIMS software. Ramesh adds, “I.C.E. Apple is designed with features to suit the futuristic demands of hospitals. We have ensured DevOps approach to meet the requirements of doctors or patients through the quick delivery of new applications or software by coordinating with software developers or IT professionals”.

The laboratories have enhanced their performance based on the information management system. Implementation of LIMS technology has helped automate most of the error prone manual works. I.C.E. Apple solutions offer more than this in order to modernize the laboratories. “Our one stop laboratory information system removes complexity in interfacing digital images and modernizes laboratories with outstanding mobile application,” says Ramesh.

I.C.E. Apple acts as ERP software in handling the lab inventory, accounting and billing. The laboratory information system simplifies all laboratorial activities with its holistic web-based application and android application. “Our mobile application will make it easier by seamlessly interfacing with HIS web application and handles both doctor and patient records,” Ramesh emphasizes.

AES Technologies is further looking at carving a niche in the research and development of IoT and Artificial Intelligence based products. The company aims at bringing innovations in the HIMS technology; R&D team of the company is also currently developing drones to facilitate emergency delivery of medical supplies.