Bbnisys: Offering Cost and Time Efficient Healthcare Solutions

Sajal Agarwal, MD
The integration of medical technology and IT has become a boon for the healthcare industry. With increased usage of state of-the-art technologies, the healthcare industry has optimized its operations on many levels; thus, becoming more patient oriented, delivering better facilities and ease. Bbnisys Technologies operates in the area of making the integration of IT and medical technology more efficient for the end consumer. It solves the common IT dilemma around cost and benefit. It ensures the best industry-specific technology without considerable drain on customer’s time and finance.

Since its inception in 2005 Bbnisys hasconstantly put its efforts into creating flagship and innovative healthcare Information solutions. Talking about the core focus of the company, Sajal Agarwal, Managing Director, Bbnisys says, “Time saving and cost-effectiveness are our key thoughts. Keeping in mind customers’ requirement in business, we applied research with present options, and came up with a perfect user friendly solution by our day to day rigorous R&D. Today Bbnisys has put its core focus on Healthcare Software Solutions.”

The company mainly focuses on providing its IT solutions around the problems of key players in healthcare industry. It takes into consideration the issues of decision makers as well as end users, providing them with plans which are cost effective.

Bbnisys implements easy user interface in its design. And, this has become one of its key differentiators in this segment. Commenting on it Agarwal says, “A simple, intuitive and responsive user interface is what differentiates our Healthcare IT Products from other players in the market; this helps our users to get things done with less effort and time.”

Keeping pace with state-of the- art technologies, Bbnisys harnesses
the Cloud infrastructure. Its Cloud HMS is an integrated Hospital Management System which integrates all the components operational in a hospital; right from Front office operations,to Electronic Medical Records, and Ancillary services (laboratories, radiology, pharmacies, etc.). It identifies all the key areas in the healthcare cycle and packages them in one solution.

Keeping in mind customers’requirement in business, we applied research with present options, and came up with a perfect user friendly solution by our day to day rigorous R&D

Bbnisys services are not limited for the hospitals alone; it extends technological solutions for primary health care providers too. As retaining customers is one of the significant aspects a business tries to accomplish, it becomes imperative for it to provide them more value along with the core services. Bbnisys e-Clinic delivers cost effective and simple practice management solution which covers the key areas such as patient registration, appointment scheduling, clinical details, and patient billing. The solution is flexible and scalable where the capacity can be adjusted through a quick phone call to the provider.

Further Bbnisys looks forward to fully harness the potential of mobile and handheld technology. It also envisions the benefits of incorporating cloud based Hybrid Health Information System for large hospitals as well as corporate chains of specialized clinics or hospitals.

Sharing his vision for business expansion, Agarwal signs off adding, “With holistic Hospital Management Solutions in place, we are slowly diversifying our product line towards specialty care systems such as Orthopedics, Oncology and Dentistry.”