E-Adware Healthcare Informatics: Minimizing Healthcare IT Investment through Open-Source Technologies

Avinandan Das, Founder& Director
It is no secret that technology advancements are revamping today's healthcare enclave and large healthcare providers make huge investments in cutting-edge technology solutions. However, many medium and smallscale healthcare organizations' annual IT budget is usually very minimal in which they need to manage their applications, licensing and hardware costs. In such a scenario, Guwahati headquartered E-Adware Healthcare Informatics comes into the picture with a repertoire of products that are based on open-source technologies such as PHP, Maria DB, and
Apache to name a few. It is the only organization in North-East India that concentrates on healthcare informatics applications. “Our dedicated team of designers and developers creates healthcare products based on open source technologies and helps small and medium health service providers located in remote areas turn their vision of automating their hospital or laboratory into a reality. We offer browser-based solutions that can run locally or on the cloud, and are tailor-made to our clients' requirements,” unveils Avinandan Das, Founder & Director, E-Adware.E-Adware's product's portfolio incorporates Hospital Information Management System, Laboratory Information Management System, Laboratory Equipment Interfacing Software and OPD Clinic Management.

Typically, patients' accounts and financial transactions' data, as well as clinical data, are generated in a hospital environment. For bolstering healthcare providers to deal with such data, E-Adware brings out a Hospital Information Management System named Penguin HIS. According to Avinandan, “Penguin HIS covers all aspects of hospital management like OPD Management, IPD Admission, IPD Clinical Management, OT Management, Blood Bank, Laboratory Management, Radiology Management and Medical
Records etc., along with interfacing of laboratory instruments and PACS integration. Also, it supports HL7 messaging”.

We offer browser-based solutions that can run locally or on the cloud, and are tailor-made as well as highly customizable to our clients' requirements

As technology evolves, not only hospitals but also labs are getting revamped today. E-Adware steps to the fore with a Laboratory Information Management System, Penguin LIMS, which reinforces labs to automate their entire process right from patient registration to report delivery. “Penguin LIMS can enable a lab to reduce the testing turnaround time for a sample and deliver accurate reports as per the standards set by accreditation boards,” adds Avinandan. Irrespective of location, Penguin LIMS helps deliver faster reports to patients as well as centers.

Most of the reputed labs today are using fully automated analyzers to perform pathology tests; however, they Optimize these fully automated machines in semi-automated mode because they cannot connect these instruments to a software system. This is where E-Adware comes forward with its PowerLINK interface software. Its software facilitates an automatic and electronic connection between analyzer and computer for rapid as well as the accurate exchange of information. It aids to reduce the pressure to run labs more efficiently, ensure faster turnaround times without a talent pool of qualified technicians, and decreases costs.

Currently, E-Adware focuses only on healthcare informatics applications and endeavors to introduce Power LINK equipment interfacing software to as many labs as possible. Moreover, it concentrates on interfacing instruments in places like Dibrugarh, Jorhat, Dimapur, Shillong, and Itanagar.