Klinique Healthcare: Boosting the Tranformation of Healthcare Industry with Innovative HIS Solutions

Kathirvel K G, Managing Director
The healthcare industry in India has great potential to evolve with its largely untapped market. With 70 percent of Indians living in rural areas, there is a dire need for quality healthcare services to penetrate through every region. The permeation of Hospital Information Systems(HIS) promotes the standard of patient care being provided by hospitals, efficient hospital management, ease in collection and retrieval of accurate and complete medical information of patients and lowering operational and treatment costs. However, invariable delayin implementation, inexperienced implementation teams, inadequate integration with existing systems, improper localization and training and lack of post-implementation support are factors that cause an impediment in the rapid adoption of HIS. Additionally, dissonances associated with infrastructure, application, and organization of the implementation processes are other challenges encountered. Spearheading these challenges with their platform agnostic solutions in this sector is Tamil Nadu based Klinique Healthcare.

With the shortest go to the market time, the gamut of healthcare solutions are engineered by a team of clinical domain experts contributing to Healthcare standards like IHE, HL7, DICOM, CDA, CCR, CCOW, SNOMEDCT and ICD. Deploy able on both On-Premise and public/private Cloud by SMBs and large-scale enterprise hospitals, the company’s fully integrated HIS offerings boasts of fastest turnaround time (TAT) and easy API integration while simultaneously discovering hidden business insights. With feature-rich solutions and expertise at the enterprise level, Klinique has successfully implemented healthcare solutions in up to 250 bedded enterprise hospitals with over 50 customers spread across India, Singapore, and Malaysia in a short span of one year.

With industry-rich experience, the company offers a host of products that cater to every vertical in the healthcare domain; KliniQue Enterprise for Clinics, Nucleus that has been solely designed for Diagnostic Centres, Micro has been engineered for the provision of Clinical Labs, Molecule to eliminate the hassles faced by customers at Pharmacies and Baseline for the Tele Radiology segment.

With industry-rich experience, the company offers a host of products that cater to every vertical in the healthcare domain

However, the two key offerings that play a pivotal role in the HIS segment provided by the company are Axon, an On-Premises Hospital Information Management System(HIMS)and Neuron, a Cloud-based HIMS. With a complete understanding of the market necessities, Axon is designed with Workflow Rule Engines that can be leveraged to configure the Business Processes. The business and clinical dashboards assist clients to monitor the KPIs of their business & clinical aspects and take instantaneous decisions.

In conjunction with this offering, the comprehensive solution Neuron with KPI dashboards that proffer standard reports and descriptive analytics drives efficiency with a plethora of in-built features; OP appointment booking, patient queue management, e-prescription and CPOE, automated billing, alerts and nurse station and integration with vital monitors to name a few.

Continually redefining the healthcare domain with emerging technologies and ensuring satisfied clients, the company envisions increasing their global footprint across the South Asian, Middle East and Europe markets offering localized solutions.