NimbusClinic: Bridging the Gap between Doctors and Patients through a Single Platform

CIO Vendor The global market for mHealth is projected to reach USD 22.2 Billion owing to the rise in the usage of smartphones, growing awareness over healthcare and development of innovative apps to address healthcare issues. mHealth is an effective tool to provide efficient patient care for the current healthcare landscape that has been made complex by chronic diseases and financial constraints. Remote health monitoring solutions for chronic disease management are the need of the hour. 70-80 percent of visits to the doctors can be converted into audio and consultations.

Gurgaon headquartered NimbusClinic is an effective app that helps in saving time for customers and doctors alike through its audio and video consultation services. It simplifies the process of managing health records, prescriptions and more. The app is easy to use and keeps the patients stress free about their health records, and medical prescriptions. They can monitor their blood sugar, blood pressure through a Bluetooth connected device and keep a track of their health at all times. The doctors can handle multiple locations and appointments from a single dashboard. The health records stored on NimbusClinic are HIPAA compliant secured by a 256-bit encryption. The app gives full authority to the patient to share their health records with whoever they want.

As most of the doctors today practice at multiple locations, there is no software where they can combine the data and see what is happening to the patients. NimbusClinics’ platform handles the records of multiple clinics so that a unique health account is created for every patient they have. NimbusClinic also creates social media and digital marketing tools for the clinics.
The health awareness videos by NimbusClinic answers the queries of customers related to general issues such as “How often should I get my eyes checked?”,“What are the signs of Cataract?” etc. help them save a visit to the doctor.

NimbusClinic is an effective app that helps in saving time for customers and doctors alike through its audio and video consultation services

Digital health program for organizations is one of the other domains NimbusClinic has trodden into. They have created a health ecosystem which is not only limited to getting reports or visiting doctors so that it looks after the overall well-being of the corporates and educational institutes. They start with screening the employees/ students and analyzing the health of the organization. The screenings give an insight into the health of people in an organization and help identify problems such as hypertension, mental stress and anxiety at earlier stages. Dr. Sumeet Ahluwalia further elaborates, “Once we have the analytical report, we provide them health education videos specific to their problems so that they understand the problems that they are facing, what needs to be done and if they ignore this issue, what kind of complications they can land in.” NimbusClinic also provides discounted video consultation packages for the corporates.

The company aims to incorporate health bots into the institutions and corporates that they do screenings for. Those healthbots would take care of basic level investigation of all patients. It would connect them to doctors through video consultation and recommends health education videos as well.