RT-MediBus Technologies: Refining Clinical Decision Making through an Innovative Platform

Srirama Raja, CEO
Healthcare arena is on the cusp of transformation on account of proliferated digital technologies that deliver real-time data and bolster clinical decision making. Along with the digital tide, today's healthcare providers are on constant lookout for cutting-edge healthcare services platform to ameliorate operational efficiencies and clinical decision making in order to bring optimum business outcomes.

This is where Chennai headquartered RT-MediBus Technologies Pvt Ltd comes forward with MediBus platform, a healthcare services platform with advanced systems such as comprehensive digital EHR for Clinics and Hospitals, to reinforce healthcare providers for improving their efficiencies, profitability and quality of care. “MediBus Platform is capable to capture and integrate clinical data in real-time across multiple service points (clinics and labs) and from multiple devices, and makes it available across commonly used devices anywhere, at any time,” evinces Srirama Raja, CEO of RT-MediBus Technologies.

Built on Cloud technology, MediBus platform brings out greater interoperability as well as scalability and facilitates seamless integration to third party applications. Along with a clinical data repository, the system has capabilities for HIE (Health information exchange) and tracking based on controlled medical vocabulary. Optimizing its Events and Messaging systems, RT-MediBus strives to configure an integrated smart care ecosystem. “Our event data platform and synoptic data capture facilitate easy clinical data integrations. Also, the messaging platform services allows care providers to make better clinical and business decisions,” opines Srirama Raja. Besides, the MediBus platform helps engage patients in the decision making so that better health outcomes can be achieved.
RT-MediBus' Clinic Information Management System (CLIMS) is a business tool including an EMR. It helps run a clinic more efficiently, provide better healthcare and increase income. It aids care providers to manage patient appointments more effectively, offer healthcare proactively and strengthen their clinical decision, even if they are not much techsavvy. The system gives access to electronic lab and imaging data from anywhere at anytime. Its fully integrated EMR empowers care providers to offer personalized care to more patients. It offers integration with Messaging and Clinical Decision Support Events and Alerts, which allows care providers to make better clinical decisions. “Medibus EMR helps document data electronically, thereby data can easily be queried. This enables healthcare providers to coordinate care across various clinical specialties,” adds Srirama Raja. Furthermore, it bolsters CPOE (Clinical Provider Order Entry) which brings time-saving in prescription and order.

MediBus Platform is capable to capture and integrate clinical data in real-time across multiple service points (clinics and labs) and from multiple devices

With MediBus Clinical & Hospital Information Management System(CHIMS), RT-MediBus endeavors to make hospitals more efficient, profitable and patient friendly. It can cater all relevant information exactly as doctors necessitate and enhance clinical decision making. It delivers complete and accurate vitals (monitors) and medication data. Moreover, its synoptic data capture capability ensures that data is structured, query able and amenable for research and analytics. Additionally, it increases patient interaction through a collaborated health - patient portal.

Going forward, RT-MediBus focuses on passive data collection technology to facilitate real-time care management and optimize advanced analytics to improve population health and support proactive care management.