Subham Infotech: Empowering Healthcare Industry with Customizable HMS Solution

Dwijesh Malakar, Proprietor
There is a way to go for technological implementations in Healthcare industry. It is felt the integration of healthcare and IT will bridge many existing gaps and reform the traditional set up of manual-based work. At present, the industry faces emerging need to better integrate various stakeholders of healthcare to provide efficient, authentic and correct information sharing, effective decision making and overall better management of resources. In order to better provide for the patient needs, Shubham InfoTech developed customizable hospital management system software to manage all aspects of hospital operations. It has been catering to the needs of healthcare industry articularly in the North-East India region for over 20 years now. It is an integrated healthcare solution which includes OPD and IPD Management, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, Mobile Application, Inventory Management, Blood Bank Management, Medical Electronic Billing, Accounting, HR/Payroll, LRS, LIS and HL7/Integrated PACS System.

“Our HIS had been designed from the valuable advice of various doctors, CAs, and industry experts. The best thing is that it is fully customizable. There is minimum data entry and maximum output, it also incorporates check-points for data validity. Our product is based on customers’ requirement. That’s why; we say it is hospital-based software. This HIS is 17 years old and it supports all the latest technologies like Barcode, SMS, Biometric, LIS, PACS, HL7, Data Warehouse, CS, Web Based, Cloud, Apps, and others as well,” says Dwijesh Malakar - Proprietor, Subham Infotech.

Subham Infotech has grown its business through word of mouth alone. And now it stands as one of the best healthcare technology solutions providers with an adequate number of committed professionals and technicians to deliver technical support and
services. Presently Subham Infotech has more than 50 healthcare clients in this region. Many of the clients they cater to are NABL and NABH certified. This has helped Subham Infotech to successfully incorporate the required forms and check-lists in the HIS to make the system easy and faster. It better complies with the current obligations pertaining to the patient healthcare and other health-related issues.

Our HIS had been designed from the valuable advice of various doctors, CAs,and industry experts. The best thing is that it is fully customizable

Speaking precisely about the technical specification about the Subham-HMS system, Dwijesh Malakar explains, “Our system is fully capable to burn historical data for various medical research and analysis, images, complete information of patient’s data including family history. It can be accessed from anywhere with proper authentication. There are various alert systems for the doctors and data entry operators to reduce the risk and wrong data entry. It provides a single window to access maximum information with proper authentications.”

Many NABL labs are using Subham - Laboratory Management System as well. It helps them to generate all required reports from the system. Apart from report generation Subham Infotech’s lab module also manages inventory and its use through MIS.

Starting from North-East Subham Infotech is all set to transcend geographical boundaries. Covering other Indian states it envisions collaborating with companies in the international market too. It has also diversified its operations in areas other than hospitals, successfully introducing its module in the various segments like marketing, nursing school, inventory management, blood bank, hotels and HR.