Techizer Tech Solutions - Leveraging Technology to Improve Medication Adherence

CIO Vendor Improving patient medication adherence is a common challenge for doctors. Medication non-adherence costs healthcare systems USD 289 billion each year and has a damaging effect on patients' health. As per WHO, "approximately 50% of patients do not take their medications as prescribed". Medication non-adherence can have negative consequences for the patient, the provider, and the physician. There are plenty of reasons such as forgetfulness, inadequate knowledge about medicines, health illiteracy of the patient etc for medical non-adherence. Leveraging technology by raising information and skill levels, and improving the relationship between the provider and the patient is Techizer Tech solutions.

Established by Praveen and Dolly Wadalkar in 2011, Techizer empowers pharmaceutical companies with the help of multiple technologies. Talking about the establishment of the company, Praveen states, “When we started this company, Dolly and I had a collective experience of over 20 years in the pharma industry; we incorporated whatever we learnt about marketing and sales in our business. Our business model empowers pharma companies to reach more and more patients and improve healthcare outcomes.”

Techizer works in 3 areas namely, Salesforce Engagement Services, Doctor Engagement Services and Patient Engagement Services. For Doctors, Techizer has integrated modules such as Smart Clinic, Animated Patient Counseling Module, Med Alert and more into their solution, and for patients, modules such as Smart Health Coupons, Smart Health Connect, Readmyrx. com and more. Readmyrx helps patients understand the prescribed medicine in their own language. They can choose from 9 regional languages.
The chance of patients adhering to medicines is high if the patient knows all the important information about it. Patient engagement is a highly effective method and can be used for small things as well. Stating an example, Dolly elaborates “We did a campaign called KYC (Know Your Cough) mobile app, where we asked patients to answer a few basic questions about a cough from the scientific journal on the mobile app. Based on the responses, the patients could know whether they have the risk of developing a chronic cough or not. With this campaign, we were able to educate around 75,000 patients about chronic chough”.

Our business model empowers pharma companies to reach more and more patients and improve healthcare outcomes

In India, the doctors spend less than 2 minutes with a patient on an average. Understanding that the time spent with the doctor is never enough, Techizer has come up with APCM. As Indian people trust the word of doctors more than anything, Techizer has created thousands of 10-20 minute videos on a specific problem that answers all the necessary questions the patients might have. With Med Alert, Techizer provides scientific updates to the doctors. Diagnosis is the first step towards treatment. In order to help patients take the first step, Techizer has introduced smart health coupons. With their help, Techizer provides diagnostic tests at a discounted price.

Techizer is one of the very few companies that specifically deal with providing IT solutions to pharmaceutical companies. It’s one of their niche areas. Dolly and Praveen think that the Pharma industry is one of the few industries that technology hasn’t penetrated into. Techizer aims to empower 1 million people by the end of this year with the help of mhealth.