ViDoc Healthcare: Digitizing Medical Practices with an Integrated Health IT Suite

Jay Mehta, Founder& CEO
India’s healthcare segment which was vastly under-penetrated in terms of technology adoption is now evolving to embrace IT to optimize healthcare consultation and patient care. Corroborating this fact are Nasscom’s research findings which forecast the Indian healthcare IT market to grow to about 1.5 times its size by 2020. However, even with these advancements, the healthcare sector faces significant challenges in implementing IT systems where the growing volumes of data, lack of communication between healthcare systems, increasing costs of IT projects and change management present concerns. As a result, healthcare practices are in need of solution providers that can successfully implement new technologies while taking a strategic approach to change management to help hospitals make a successful transition from their ingrained cultural practices. Perfectly understanding these challenges, Mumbai headquartered ViDoc Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd.(“Vi-Doc”) steps forward to address them with an end-to-end health IT suite, targeted at digitizing medical practices and improving their efficiency.

Conceptualized and incorporated in 2009, ViDoc which stands for Virtual Doctor/Vital Documents, was formed with a vision to develop an ecosystem where a patient’s information can be made available digitally to caregivers in a simple and secure manner. Keeping in mind the needs of both individual patients and enterprises across the healthcare ecosystem, ViDoc provides an all-inclusive solution suite that encompasses EMR, Digitization of Medical Records, Hospital Information System(HIS), mHealth for Patient Engagement and Analytics. “While all medical institutions seek the latest technology with advanced capabilities, they also require solution providers to support them with implementation and change management,” explains Jay N Mehta, Founder & CEO. “ViDoc is catering to these requirements with a welltested healthcare IT suite and implementation services, to automate manual processes for hospitals and allow them more time for patient care and better clinical outcomes,” he goes on to add.
In order to help healthcare practices manage medical records centrally across all departments, ViDoc designed its flagship software - Emrix, to help doctors, hospital admin, medical records department, patients and TPA to access patient data in an effortless manner. With flexibility for Cloud & Local hosting, and customizable UX, fast go-live and 24/7 secure access, Emrix helps hospitals simplify the processes of assisting repeat patients, research, TPA, medico-legal measures etc. and enables them to smartly utilize space for medical care.

ViDoc provides an all-inclusive solution suite that encompasses EMR, Digitization of Medical Records, Hospital Information System (HIS), mHealth for Patient Engagement and Analytics

Furthermore, ViDoc also equips hospitals with an HIS - Integra, to provide them with a holistic coverage of hospital admin and clinical processes for seamless control of hospital workflows.Incorporating over 30 core modules and well-designed workflows, Integra allows enough flexibility to be implemented across all medical institutions from small practices to multi-specialty hospitals.

ViDoc has also expanded its foray into mHealth for Patient engagement, with its medPASS App. medPASS gives an affordable option to hospitals, clinics and doctors to reach out directly to the patient’s smartphone. It can be integrated with Emrix to share records with patients.

Having operated in this segment for almost a decade, ViDoc has gained extensive industry expertise and has catered to an expansive clientele which includes elite hospitals. Leveraging this position, the company intends to focus extensively on data analytics for clinical and operational data, as well as focus on newer to improve both patient and physician user experience.