Druplets Technologies: Delivering User Friendly Health Care Solutions

Nibedita Sahoo, Co-Founder and Director

In recent decades, lifestyle of people has changed drastically leading to various health issues. According to a recent research it was found that India has over one million modern medicine doctors to treat its 1.3 billion people. With too many patients and not enough doctors, it is difficult for patients to find the right doctors who provide the right treatment. This is because most patients are unaware of the doctors and types of medical services available around them. So, they are looking for solutions that would help them in obtaining information regarding the availability of doctors and medical facilities around them.

Catering to these needs and aspiring to bring valuable health care solutions to the Indian market, Kolkata headquartered Druplets with its online health care platform solution - Curetap assists Patients, Doctors, clinics and hospitals across the country in accessing day-to-day health care solutions that is user-friendly and cost-effective.

The Curetap app enables patients to search the best doctors across the city based on medical specialties, clinics and hospitals. This app also provides information regarding the doctors’ education, experience, ratings and feedbacks which helps patients in choosing the best doctors. It also provides access to some of the top hospitals and clinics across the city through which patients can call the hospitals and clinics directly and take appointments. Curetap provides information regarding the facilities that are available in the hospitals.

Intelligent Integrated Management System and Token based Appointments
Druplet’s CuratapDoc app is a mobile app that is exclusively designed for Doctors to completely digitize their profiles and help patients find them. Through this app the Doctors and their assistants can manage their various clinical operations. Druplets through its OPD website provides same service to larger clinics and hospitals to completely digitize their clinics, hospitals and associated doctors. Through this website clinic/hospital operators or front desk can manage the complete OPD operations. Druplets through its health blog provides engaging content on health-related issues that is increasing awareness among the patients.

"Most solutions available in the market today primarily focus on time-based appointments with no visibility to real time availability of Doctors alone, whereas Druplets focuses on both time-based and token-based appointments"

“Most apps available in the market today primarily focus on online booking appointments alone whereas CuratapDoc with its Intelligent Integrated Management Systems integrates and synchronizes both online and offline appointment bookings through its mobile app,” says Nibedita Sahoo, Co-Founder and Director, Druplets Technologies. It also allows patients to book appointments through a 24*7 available automated call-based appointment systems, which is specifically designed for non-smartphone users.

Most solutions available in the market today primarily focus on time-based appointments with no visibility to real time availability of Doctors alone whereas Druplets focuses on both time-based and token-based appointments. Curetap provides a token number for patients to know their exact turn, so that it will streamline patient flow at the clinic. Patients need not wait in queues to meet the doctors as the Virtual Queue Schedule feature helps doctors manage their schedules and turn their consulting hours into a queue of slots virtually as per their needs, allowing patients to select an appropriate time to visit the clinics. This facility helps in clearing the disorder and confusion caused in the clinics. The Appointment Reminder feature sends a remainder to the patients that drastically reduces the number of no shows at the clinics and enables patients to not miss their appointments. Druplets is planning to make its solutions available to other metro cities.