THB: SeamLessly Converting BigData Into Actionable Clinical Intelligence

Akansh Khurana, CEO

The opportunity of big data analytics in healthcare is huge with recent studies estimating the market to reach over $65 billion by the end of 2025. Propelling this growth within India are the increasing technology adoption across healthcare providers, and most importantly the government initiative ‘Ayushman Bharat’ which is being dubbed as one of the “world’s largest government-funded healthcare program”. The success of this initiative will solely depend on how is clinical data recorded and effectively utilized to drive positive patient outcomes in the most efficient way.

One of the most common struggles is the existing state of technology and datasets for healthcare providers, who continue to struggle to streamline data from legacy infrastructures and attain actionable insights from disparate systems. However, this is now rapidly changing.

“Given the rapid evolution of the technology infrastructure and the emerging technology paradigms such as AI, Big Data Analytics, there is clear opportunity to transform healthcare management across the board. However, the providers in India are still getting used to the commercial and clinical use-cases of such technologies, and therefore are only now starting to understand the return on investment of healthcare analytics. Most customers (in their minds) are still ‘piloting’ intelligent analytics in healthcare, and therefore, there are limited inhouse capabilities,” explains Akansh Khurana, CEO, THB.

THB, headquartered in Gurugram, is a clinical intelligence platform with its novel ETL (Extract-Transform Load) engine, which is integrated with the dictionary of Indian clinical keywords that automates the structuring and codification of the unstructured clinical data sets. The cutting edge plug-n-play engine has been designed and developed to place fragmented providers, technology systems, and outdated platforms at the side lines as it creates a flexible NoSQL data warehouse enabling seamless functioning of a series of intelligence modules. THB has developed a broad range of proprietary analytical models and algorithms that integrate with the warehouse to generate meaningful action-oriented insights, and applications with clear return on investment. “THB leverages real world evidence to empower the healthcare ecosystem with state-of-the-art clinical and business modules to improve patient outcomes. THB is
transforming the healthcare industry from gut based to data and evidence based treatment and decisions,” says Khurana.

"Team at THB has engineered a first-of-its-kind real world evidence backed population health platform to promote clinical research"

Assuring Positive Patient Outcomes
Incepted in 2015, THB is recognized as one of India’s leading full-stack [platform + data + analytics + insights] clinical intelligence company, with a vision to build the largest global health stack to enable innovation and research for positive patient outcomes. Despite being a recent entrant in the market, the team prides itself on having a collective industry rich experience, with the company having its sales offices in eight cities across India. Through its strong network and expertise of working with a wide range of clientele, THB is currently spread across 2000+ centers across more than 50 Indian cities in all the four regions.

THB has a range of analytical engines and applications across the healthcare ecosystem. One of the offerings is PEP (Patient Engagement Platform) which is a state-of-the-art, fully automated, self-learning personalized patient care and engagement engine for the providers who want to clinically engage with their patients. Essentially, it integrates capabilities of patient/medical support team, marketing team, IT teams, as well as customer care in one robust application. The feature-rich product is noted to improve patient health outcomes by up to 10 percent within 2-3 quarters, increase patient compliance by up to 2X, reduce drop out rates by 1000 basis points, deliver net promoter score of more than 50 percent, and accelerate revenues by 15 to 20 percent.

The team at THB has also engineered a first-of-its-kind real world evidence backed population health platform to promote clinical research/studies, and drive clinical engagement with medical practitioners. The team has generated 100+ white papers, publications and articles leveraging this platform, and has engaged with over 30K medical practitioners over the last one year.

The Journey that Lies Ahead
The entire healthcare ecosystem spread across providers, practitioners, pharma, insurance, public health or researchers, every stakeholder derives benefits by implementing THB’s offerings. THB works with its healthcare provider customers and partners across terabytes of clinical datasets, and the network is rapidly expanding at a growth rate of 15% m-o-m. In 2019, THB is actively working towards its public health offerings in India, and its soft launch outside India. In the next 3 years, THB is working towards becoming the largest clinical intelligence platform across Australasia. “We are on the mission of driving clinical intelligence and real world evidence to positively impact patient outcomes around the world,” says Khurana.