Akhil Systems: Re-engineering the Healthcare Domain

With the internet and the availability of information becoming a ubiquitous part of an individual’s life, most patients and many healthcare organizations are increasingly adopting Hospital Information Management Systems. This step towards automation make users feel more empowered and better involved in any decision making regarding health problems due to the holistic accessibility of data. Apart from quality treatments, patients now expect consultations to be conducted from home, thus saving time. Solution providers in this market need to address challenges such as geographically dispersed hospital branches, inaccessibility to timely care, inconsistent quality and keeping up with trending technologies. Each consumer has their own unique needs and thus requires a customized solution as opposed to off-the-shelf offerings currently available in the market.

Miracle HIS is an ERP suite of software modules to computerize hospital, clinic, medical college or any healthcare institution

Coming to the fore is New Delhi headquartered Akhil Systems, one of the pioneer Hospital Information System (HIS) companies, with its robust web-based and cloud-based Hospital Information Management System, Miracle HIS. It is an ERP suite of software modules to computerize hospital, clinic, medical college or any healthcare institution. “We have been in this industry for the past 25 years. We also provide customizations and implementation support. In the event that any user may face any difficulty, our team can always be approached,” adds Rekha Jain, Director of Akhil Systems. The featurerich product is equipped with several modules such as inventory management module, ancillary module, clinical module, BI & MIS, front office/ billing module and daycare module. It also ensures a high level security standard with authentication level at multiple points.
Ensuring Better Healthcare on a Global Level
Committed to delivering quality healthcare, Akhil Systems’ speciality lies in delivering management information systems for Hospitals, Medical colleges, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Diagnostic Centers and Pharmacy Chains. The company commands a strong market presence in 18 Indian states and 38 cities. Globally, the company has a market presence in seven countries. Over the years of catering to a myriad of well-renowned enterprises, Akhil Systems has gained due recognition and was awarded “Best HIS & HMIS Provider of the Year” at 4th Annual e-Health Healthcare Leaders Award in 2015 at New Delhi and was also awarded “Best HIS & HMIS Provider of the Year” at 9th e-India Awards in 2013 at Hyderabad. The company offers a comprehensive suite of offering apart from Miracle HIS, such as it’s recently launched Miracle EMR, Miracle LIS, Miracle PIS, Miracle RIS and third party integrations & interfaces.

Rekha tells us how large-scale hospitals still have their own set of apprehensions towards moving to cloud and sharing critical data onto the cloud. However, several hospital branches when geographically dispersed or have satellite clinics, they need to seamlessly connect and exchange information which is not available with an on-premise model. Akhil Systems is gradually capturing this market with its cloud-based secure solutions. The company is also currently working on making all its solutions available on cloud and mobile.