DigiLooks Healthcare: Exclusive Digital Healthcare Platform for Educational Institutions

CIO Vendor Digital healthcare has embedded itself in our daily life, which started by helping us keep track of basic health parameters like calories burned, heart rate, Blood Pressure, sleep cycles, steps taken & stairs climbed. It has now transcended to keeping vital medical records, data analytics for effective medical solutions and now provides an efficient & effective interface with Medical Practitioners. DigiLooks Healthcare, headquartered in Delhi, is a digital healthcare platform that serves as a repository of medical records, i.e. stores, organizes, analyses and easily retrieves health records in an effective and organized manner, via the Web or Mobile App (Android & iOS). Its primary focus is to collate and organize medical records of children as part of a health program made compulsory by CBSE. In addition, it uses its access and reach to provide preventive and diagnostic healthcare services for School and College students.

DigiLooks HealthCare is one stop platform to manage the health checkups as well as Counseling and maintain digital records of students

“We run preventive health check-up camps in Schools using a dedicated team of doctors. We record and store the medical data of each student in a digital format, using our software, thereby eliminating the cumbersome manual record keeping. The data is made available through an easy access e-Student Health Card via the Mobile App or Web services platform to the
students, parents and the Schools. This would give a complete history of medical records, prescriptions, vaccination, diet plan and all observations made by the Doctors during the health camps. DigiLooks Healthcare was awarded the Best Online Healthcare Company of the Year 2018 by Brainfeed Magazine and we have recently raised our First round of Funding from group of serial Investors”, adds Sushant Sharma, CEO & Founder, DigiLooks Healthcare.

One Stop Solution for Healthcare Services
DigiLooks Healthcare is one stop platform to manage the health checkups as well as Counseling and maintain digital records of students, as prescribed by CBSE. The check-ups include General, Vitals, ENT, Dental, and Vision etc. and results are collated and maintained in a digital manner for ease of access, analysis and reporting.

Counseling plays a vital role in students’ life. DigiLooks Healthcare also provides Counseling (one to one and Group sessions) through its panel of experienced Psychology Counselors. Additionally, DigiLooks Healthcare also provides healthcare events/ workshops, health kit, diet plans & many more health related activities to the school online and offline.

The Company is working with many schools in Delhi NCR and has expanded its operations to Jammu (J&K) and Meerut. The Company has plans to systematically expand its reach in the Delhi NCR and key cities in North India.

The records stored are available to the students, parents and the school administration on a permanent basis and none of the records are deleted / altered. These records can be accessed anytime from anywhere. The digital records can be accessed easily in case of a medical emergency. The company’s website is linked with school website, so that Parents can directly operate from the healthcare section of School website.

The Company is continuously upgrading its technology platform for better scalability to make it more robust and user friendly and also expand its services to a larger number of schools, spread across a bigger geographical footprint.