HealthBot : Improving Healthcare of Rural India

CIO Vendor Digital technology revolution has changed the face of many industries and healthcare is one of them. From being oriented completely on efficiency and results, it now concentrates more on the outreach of health service to rural India, patient experience, personalized care and strengthening the physician-patient relationship. HealthBot, headquartered in Bangalore, is a growing health tech start-up, committed to improve the outreach and outcome of health services using technology. The company provides collaboration platform for effective engagement, personalized care, continuous monitoring, and feedback mechanism to improve the effectiveness, and efficiency of the health care services. “We are a health tech company. Our objective is to make healthcare available, accessible and affordable to the rural citizens of India locally. We want to make the services accessible in their locality so that they don’t have to travel long distance for the same”, said Jayakishor Bhanja, Founder & CEO, HealthBot.

With the help of technology, HealthBot has developed Smart Rural centers to bridge the gap between rural people and health caregivers

Healthcare Services Anywhere Anytime
HealthBot platform has an ability to connect disparate medical devices, health trackers & other sensors, and collect contextual data from them. The
collected data is crunched and processed to provide actionable insights to the caregivers. The uniqueness of the platform immensely benefits the caregivers & caretakers to improve service delivery and outcome.

Moreover, HealthBot is on a mission to build smart health centers in both rural and urban areas. With the help of technology, HealthBot has developed Smart Rural centers to bridge the gap between rural people and health caregivers. The company has deployed the latest technologies across their centers and network of practitioners to deliver quality healthcare to their patients. Current services provided in a rural area are primary health services, dental care, eye care, e-pathology and referral. Further in urban areas, the company provides end to end management of chronic diseases using Healthcare IoT. The health workers get to engage with patients using smart devices and the latest technologies to provide personalized care. Continuous engagement with the patients using real-time contextual data improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the health care service.

Having such a unique platform for caregivers and caretakers, HealthBot has helped a number of patients and has provided efficient services. For instance, people of low income groups like mechanic, barber, tailor and artisans, whose work requires clear near vision, will lose their livelihood if they can’t focus closely. A simple tool for them is eye glasses which sustains their productivity and improves their earning. Unfortunately rural India is deprived of such facilities today. These people either ignore it or travel a long distance when it becomes unmanageable for them. HealthBot takes pride in having supported these people locally with the use of technology. The company spreads awareness about various diseases through multiple channels. HealthBot aims to create more smart health centers so that they can reach out to more people who are unable to receive basic healthcare services. The company also helps government to improve the service delivery and outcome of healthcare services. As it is practically not possible to provide services in every village of India, HealthBot is creating Bots which will be deployed at large scale along with health workers from that village after training so that he or she can deliver basic care. As a result of these services and their impact on society, HealthBot has recently received ‘The Pride of Odisha’ award from Union Minister for Health.