I Online Doctor: A Platform Enabling 24/7 Accessibility to Certified Healthcare Providers

CIO Vendor Digital health is a convoluted and complex field, much of which is made up of technologies and services that enable healthcare outside of traditional clinical settings. As an India based Global app, I Online Doctor, is making substantial efforts to drive the Indian healthcare industry in the Global Digital race. Headquartered in Gujarat, and having its international office in Silicon Valley, USA, I Online Doctor uses the latest technology and provides an affordable, accessible solution to consult with Healthcare Providers from anywhere, anytime.

“Having rolled out in August 2018, we have a current user base exceeding 500,000 with more than 1500 registered Doctors and Healthcare Providers from over 45 specializations. This is indicative that the Indian market is ready for such technology that can make their healthcare delivery simpler and easier” says Deepak Patel, Founder of I Online Doctor.

Seamless Connect between Patient and Caregiver
‘I Online Doctor’ has developed a platform for patients to conduct Live Video Consultation with Certified Doctors via Smartphones. In addition to diagnosis, followed by suggesting a treatment plan, doctors can provide an electronic prescription, diagnostic lab work, and school/work related sick leave note through the mobile app. The Video Consult is private and secure at all levels with end-to-end data encryption. Also, all health records are electronically accessible to the patient at all times through the mobile app while being securely stored.

Furthermore, I Online Doctor is an application that complements the current medical and healthcare scenarios. The company provides a solution for the challenges faced by healthcare seekers in the traditional system. These challenges include lack of specialized doctors for patients in remote areas, long wait time in the clinic even for regular visits, no standard format of health record maintenance across medical centers, to name a few. The company is one of the very few telemedicine applications that ensure patient-provider privacy and security at all levels and provides comprehensive EHRS (Electronic Health Record System) for its users.
I Online Doctor also facilitates Live/Instant Video Call, E-Prescription, E-Lab Requisition, Second Opinion Specialist and Super Specialist Consultation. Given these facilities, the patient can browse through various registered doctors based on a variety of preferences, including specialties, languages spoken, medical experience, ratings, location and reviews by other patients. User can make instant live video calls with available online doctors, or book a video consultation appointment or seek the Second Opinion from Specialist Doctors from across the country.

I Online Doctor is an application that complements the current medical and healthcare scenarios

The patient can submit detailed medical history, upload images, documents and video links as well for a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. Dietitians and Nutritionists can also provide users with exercise and diet charts and other detailed information.

I Online Doctor conducted two digital medical camps in the rural villages of Gujarat, wherein the company connected the village dwellers with specialists from across the country to help them seek consultation for their health problems. They also conducted a free digital medical camp in Gujarat for around 100 plus police officers, cadets and their families, and helped them avail the services of country’s top specialists. Through this, the company is striving to Digital India movement and thereby bridge the gap between healthcare seekers and healthcare providers.

In a similar undertaking, the company has recently introduced Concierge Services for its application users to provide them with comprehensive healthcare services. Users will now be able to order medicines online, which could be either picked up from the store or get them delivered at their doorsteps. They can even have the laboratories to collect required diagnostic samples right from their homes, at the touch of their fingertips.

The company’s aim is to spread health awareness amongst the masses and ensure that world-class healthcare is available to all, irrespective of geographical or time constraints.