PanSen Technologies: One Stop Shop for Hospital Information Management Solutions

CIO Vendor Indian healthcare IT market is likely to grow 1.5 times by 2020. In India, only 9 percent of the total healthcare market is a part of healthcare IT segment. The major driver for the growth of this market is the increasing adoption of big data analytics, wearable devices, Internet of Things and advantages of cloud usage. However, compared to the Global Digital Healthcare industry which is experiencing phenomenal growth, Indian healthcare market still has a long way to go and address many challenges.

PanSen Technologies - a company which was incorporated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is playing an important role in transforming the management of healthcare system. PanSen offers Healthcare Information Management System which helps reduce manual paper work and maintenance of documents or report files of the patients, reduces complexity in IT infrastructure, improves revenue cycle management, less patient wait time and removes the chance of operational and clinical error.

“Established in the year 2017 and set up office immediately in Middle East to understand Global Market for Technology Solution, we have extended our search in MENA region and recently signed with few partners to take it up with GCC market and cater to North African market,” says Senthil KS, Founder & Managing Director, PanSen Technologies.

Solving all the healthcare problems under one roof
PanSen offers solutions which enable hospitals to take complete care of the patients and help in scheduled treatment and decision making. The company offers Health Information Management System, which helps in
better patient administration. The company also provides EMR solution, which has a simple template for all specialization and enables doctors to select the services and give note by a single click. PanSen offers online mobile application for Health Information Management System which is a user-friendly application. The mobile application helps to fix appointments easily with a particular doctor. Using this app people can select date and time slot according to their convenience. Patients can also access their medical reports and previous medical reports for their reference by using the mobile application. This helps to save the hospital and the patient’s time and efforts. Patients don’t have to wait for a longer time for taking appointments or for collecting their lab reports.

PanSen offers solutions which enable hospitals to take complete care of the patients and help in scheduled treatment and decision making

PanSen uses Indoor Assets Tracking system, which is a cloud based mobile application using IoT. This mobile app tracks the movement of the asset or Biomedical assets within the hospital premises. The product uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacon signal for finding the GPS synchronize of assets and show real-time location of the asset using IoT. It can also work with integration of other assets module. The application displays notifications on the screen and also alerts for suspicious movement of any asset which crosses the Geo Fence.

“As a company we have the vision to maintain leadership position in industry by providing best in class solution and services,” envisions Senthil KS.