Redheal: Diminishing the Gap between Patients and Doctors

CIO Vendor Healthcare market in India has been one of the world's fastest growing with healthcare playing crucial role. The market size of domestic healthcare sector was USD 160 billion in 2016 and expected to reach USD 280 billion by 2022; the brisk paced growth is backed by strengthening coverage, services and increasing expenditure by public. However, India has been struggling to achieve its vision of providing healthcare for all its citizens. Delivering affordable and accessible health care to India’s billion plus people presents enormous challenges and opportunities for the medical community. Healthcare market for long has been reactive rather than pro-active. 63 percent of chronic deaths in the country happen either due to negligence or improper primary care. In most cases, patients today search the internet or rely on suggestions from friends and family to skip a general checkup and visit a specialist directly. At RedHeal, the technocrats want to change this. Hyderabad based Redheal is changing this phenomenally. Redheal is a networking platform where patients can directly get connected to a doctor instantly in less than a minute. The platform, through a first stage assessment and based on their current & previous medical records, channels the patient to a specialist doctor.

Redheal started building a product in January 2017 by on-boarding an IT professional carrying more than 12 years of rich industry experience. After a trail period of 6 months and pitching the product to approximately 400 doctors, for their feedback on the product, Redheal’s team identified that the doctors were interested in an add-on service that facilitated patients with a process called pre-consultation. This process defines that the patients will be given access to Redheal’s in-house doctors for primary assessment at their convenience. “As we dig deep it is stated that use of antibiotics without a proper doctor’s prescription drives to serious long
term side effects in terms of body resistance to medical drugs”, adds Bharat Kumar Raju, Founder, Redheal.

Given the popular theory, patients take suggestions for a Doctor from their first point of contact, which might be a friend, family or a neighbor. Aware of this situation, Redheal started its operations in the March of 2018 with 2 in-house Doctors and 2 on mobile. The firm designed a referral strategy by onboarding medical partners to bring traction and incentivize them for supporting. After May, Redheal added a fully central virtual call center and took off on full throttle. Within a span of 3 months, Redheal started receiving 20 calls a day. Now, with an offline channel of 400 partners onboard, Redheal has generated more than 6000 consultations. Currently, the team size is 25 with 5 inhouse doctors and a network of more than 340 doctors on the platform. With a strong core team, Redheal is working on tech centric tools integrating AI and Voicemail to support doctors and patients for better reliable economical and convenient care.

Redheal is a networking platform where patients can directly get connected to a doctor instantly in less than a minute

Geographically, Redheal is set to reach out to more cities in Andhra Pradesh and other cities like Bangalore & Pune in the next 6 to 8 months. The firm previously raised USD 160k in 2017 and now is in talks to raise another round in the near future. With a pre-series round closing by end of this year, we expect to reach 75k consultations by 2020 and also expand our doctor and diagnostics network. With giant strides, Redheal plans to revolutionise the way primary care is delivered in this country by building a system that is beyond trust.