Sanela Technologies: Providing Customizable Solutions to Enhance Hospitals’ Operational Efficiency

CIO Vendor Manual healthcare administrative systems have been one of the pain points when it comes to providing faster and efficient work outputs. Intersection of healthcare administration and its multiple stake holders creates a need for better transparency and quick information sharing for forging a sound relationship, adding utmost value to all parties concerned. Technological implementations have revamped the legacy healthcare infrastructure to a great extent and there still is a big way to go further, modernizing the way healthcare industry operates with efficient information sharing, effective decision making and over all better management of resources. At the flip side to this, healthcare organizations are wary of implementing complex and challenging technologies as it would completely overhaul the workflows and processes.

Reassuring the healthcare administration of technological improvements while keeping the workflows minimally impacted, Sanela Technologies is deploying its uniquely positioned solutions to provide customizable workflows and screens with flexible and dynamic fields. The company perfectly understands the need of technology driven healthcare service delivery for improved efficiency, prompt diagnosis and treatment. At the same time it also understands the organization’s concern for data security,device integration, seamless implementation of the solution and interoperability. With the aim to ensure the offerings are beneficial to patients and healthcare institutions alike, the team at Sanela built a very scalable and flexible reporting system where customers can customize and create their own reports.

The company in just two years of time has successfully deployed the product for 150 customers. Commenting on the success achieved till date, Karun Veligeti, Founder and CEO of the company says, “Our passion towards providing bestfit solution to our customers makes us stand out in competition. There are a couple of intangible benefits which our customers will enjoy as a result of our deep thought process while designing the system. One is hospital employee satisfaction our objective was to make it easy and fun to use our system instead of designing a system that ends up being an obligation and overhead. Second benefit is the patient satisfaction
with smooth touch points throughout the patient journey.”

The company caters to the needs of all segments of healthcare businesses, be it corporate, mid or small scale. It has versions that support all three segments. With its conservative pricing, Sanela Technologies makes it affordable for many hospitals to deploy the software easily. Along with pricing benefits, the company installs customized solutions both online and offline as per customer’s request. The product also has the capability to integrate with other medical devices in hospital, which not only improves the overall efficiency but also eliminates the probability of manual error occurrences.

The requirements of any Lab Franchise are unique and different than an individual laboratory. We understood this and performed a very indepth analysis and created a different version of LIMS Software that will cater to Franchises

A key offering of the company is LIMS(Lab Information Management System) Software that has been developed into two versions; LIMS Individual for an independent laboratory and LIMS Franchise for franchise business. The offering was designed with the aim to acquire, analyze, and manage laboratory data while simultaneously assisting in running the laboratory’s operations seamlessly. “The requirements of any Lab Franchise are unique and different than an individual laboratory. We understood this and performed a very indepth analysis and created a different version of LIMS Software that will cater to Franchises,” informs Karun.

Enthralled by their progress in this domain, the company has geared itself for the future. The team is currently working in the telemedicine sector with the focus on developing instant and scheduled video conferencing feature where patients will have the ability to interact with doctors for minor issues and preconsultation.