Seekmed : Connect With India’s Top Doctors Virtually

CIO Vendor My local doctor suggested a surgery. It's complex & expensive and I'm not sure if I need it’; 'I'm still recovering from my surgery. Can't do long distance travel for a follow-up'; 'I've been feeling shortness of breath & my son is abroad. Who should I ask to take me to a good Cardiologist?’; ‘Last time I visited the doctor in the city, I had to wait for the whole day only to find out he wasn't going to see me due to an emergency'. These are some of the perpetual issues that have been making the rounds in the healthcare industry. Based out of Prayagraj, SeekMed succeeds in bringing the best in Medicine and the best of Technology together to serve patient community. It's a quality focused tele-medicine platform where patients dealing with serious medical conditions could easily get credible medical advice from SeekMed’s network of award-winning and top super specialist doctors. It's a global platform that allows patients living in India or abroad to get a second opinion on an existing or new condition, a possible surgery or an ongoing treatment, through video consultations.

The Founder, Alok Awasthi explains, “Healthcare challenges plaguing India today are driven by three factors - Accessibility, Affordability and Quality”. SeekMed mobile application makes it easier for doctors to reach out to patient population living in remote parts of the country. Since patients can now book appointments on the app and have video consultations from the comfort of their homes, SeekMed helps in saving significant healthcare costs, time and most importantly, avoids uncertainties around doctor's availability for a given date. SeekMed’s pool of renowned doctors with national and international repute, make it easier for patients to not only seek expert medical advice but also make them feel confident about taking control of their medical decisions.

SeekMed advises its patients to immediately contact a local hospital or clinic in case of emergency, as the video consultations are not intended to support emergency cases. However, we've added a feature that allows a patient to send an emergency or SOS Signal to patient's emergency contact along with the GPS location.

Gold Standard for Virtual Consultations with Eminent Doctors
Telemedicine opens numerous doors to receiving healthcare. As an access to healthcare services in remote areas and to those with mobility issues, telemedicine delivers the most crucial advantage of healthcare. Therefore, it has the power to overcome geographical barriers to provide healthcare services. It may provide an opportunity to reduce healthcare spending and save time for the patient and caregiver. With the advent of telemedicine, a medical practitioner or hospital can consult with different specialists, irrespective of their location. However, when it comes to complex medical conditions requiring expert opinion, it's not easy to find and connect with a good doctor. Even in this day and age of digitalization, a common man could easily get confused with the amount of information available on the internet and all pointing in different directions. Hypothetically, if a patient is able to identify a trusted doctor, getting an appointment for an office visit with associated travel arrangements could easily take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. With SeekMed, a patient can get through a video consultation with a reputed doctor within a week. SeekMed’s Medical Advisor, Padma Bhushan Dr. T S Kler (Chairman, PSRI Heart Institute, New Delhi) says, “We need a platform that patients can trust to seek expert, credible & ethical medical opinion. That is the unique aspect of SeekMedbuilding a solid network of quality doctors who are considered one of the best in their respective specialties”.

SeekMed makes it possible for patients to connect and consult with some of India's best doctors. SeekMed follows a rigorous process of identifying
and onboarding new doctors. Every new suggestion is reviewed by the existing panel of doctors consisting of multiple Padma Bhushan recipients and other prominent doctors to ensure that the quality of healthcare providers is not compromised. SeekMed takes pride in a team of doctors who share 2 Padma Bhushan, 5 Padma Shri, 3 Dr. BC Roy, 1 Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar, 1 Woman Change Maker award and many other prestigious accolades from India and abroad. The doctors on board with SeekMed come from AIIMS, Sir Ganga Ram, Medanta, PSRI, Max, BLK, Fortis & other prominent hospitals of India. 22 of the team of doctors are working as Chairman/Director/Head of Department level and a few of them have treated Heads of State in India and overseas. SeekMed is the only platform that makes these highly reputed doctors accessible for video consultations. In order to reach the masses, the company has also made the mobile application multilingual. Patients can use the app in English or in Hindi. So, a patient living in a remote village can also connect with top doctors without having to travel to the nearest town or city. With the internet bubble expanding across the country, it's as simple as installing the app and connecting with the appropriate doctor for video consultation. SeekMed’s simple user interface makes it easier for elderly citizens to comfortably use the app and connect with their trusted doctors. The application’s feature of seamless & flexible payment processing has contributed to its widespread adoption. SeekMed partnership with a renowned payment gateway gives patients multiple options for payment such as Wallets, UPI, Netbanking in addition to traditional debit or credit cards.

Seekmed’s Simple User Interface Makes It Easier For Elderly Citizens To Comfortably Use The App And Connect With Their Trusted Doctors

Quick Rise to Fame
In a short span of five months after the release, SeekMed received requests for appointment from as many as 28 countries ranging from Vietnam & Philippines to Mexico & the States. India too, showed instant response to the telemedicine platform’s exceptional features. A patient living on the outskirts of Jhansi, was suffering from a digestive condition and was unable to move out of her home. She'd seen a renowned Gastroenterologist (Dr. Ajay Kumar, Chairman - Digestive & Liver Diseases, BLK Super Specialty Hospital & Dr. B C Roy Awardee) in New Delhi few months ago and wanted to do a follow up to discuss her medical condition. Per doctor's advice, she installed the SeekMed mobile app, sent appointment request & made online payment via the app. The doctor initiated video consultation at the time of appointment and provided doctor's report via the app. Consultation was wrapped up within half an hour and saved the patient’s money, time & avoided any discomfort. Besides, she's happy that she could connect with one of country's best Gastroenterologists from a remote part of the country. “These success stories motivate and encourage us to serve patient community in a better way”, adds Sharad Dubey, Co-founder, SeekMed.

Fundamental Objective is the Well being of Patient Community
SeekMed has always looked forward to getting established and known as the most trusted and credible source of medical advice that patients can rely on to make important healthcare decisions. With a team of reputed Doctors, developers & technocrats and their uncompromising commitment to quality combined with the network of highly accomplished doctors, SeekMed will definitely achieve their goal. More so, better engaged and better informed patient community will provide the opportunities to further expand their offerings and embed SeekMed team as part of the overall health equation.