SoftLink International: Providing All in One Solution for Healthcare

CIO Vendor The advancement in technology is bringing about a paradigm shift in delivery of healthcare services. Increase in the demand for healthcare IT integration solutions in the market can be attributed to the demand for faster and efficient delivery of care, rise in income level, healthcare awareness programs, lifestyle and increasing access to health insurance. Healthcare IT integration solutions are fulfilling the need to provide better healthcare facilities, patient safety, and maintaining huge database of the patients for future healthcare needs. For the improvement of healthcare facilities, the government of India has launched world’s largest healthcare scheme -Ayushman Bharat Jan Arogya Yojana to achieve universal healthcare coverage. This scheme is having a huge impact on healthcare IT integration. However, India’s biggest challenge is the lack of accessibility to quality healthcare due to disparity in the availability of medical professionals in urban and rural areas as well as income disparity. Moreover, the stakeholders of this industry have different expectations; while the doctors look for easy access to the medical information anytime and anywhere, patients look for transparency in the money they are spending on the treatment while the management team desires to have required checks and balances!

This is where SoftLink International, a company founded in 1997 comes into the picture with a difference – a completely bootstrapped Pune based company - with a vision to provide great quality and a complete range of high-end healthcare IT solutions. With decades of experience, the company offers a complete array of solutions which includes Workflow Automation, Modality Interfaces, LIS, RIS-PACS/ Medical Imaging, HIMS & EMR in Cardiology, Radiology & Oncology. As quality and security remain the most crucial aspects of the medical industry, SoftLink International works on the continuous innovation and rapid changes in software to ensure improved efficiency of medical services and satisfaction of the patients all the time.

“SoftLink is perfectly poised to deliver the solutions that are expected by the industry, highlights Prakash Kamat, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, SoftLink International. “We focus on three areas of healthcare automation, which are considered to be the most important for the healthcare institutions, namely HIMS, EMR, Cardiology and Radiology. We provide more than a regular HMS solution. With a fully integrated featurerich LIS, RIS-PACS solution, it completes an ERP for any Hospital or a Diagnostic Center,” adds Prakash Kamat.

Enabling greater efficiency and lower costs
SoftLink’s RIS-PACS (and for cardiology hospital a CIS–CPACS) solution aids hospitals in effectively consolidating isolated Patient In formation and Patient Studies from multiple Medical imaging modalities into a centralized solution to achieve better care, greater efficiency and lower costs. To avoid delayed diagnosis and treatment, SoftLink uses RIS PACS [CIS - CPACS] solution with repository of online data in hundreds of terabytes, providing easy and quick access to images and patient reports for treatment at any location from a single login with improved workflow and enhanced decision making. Productive and quick viewing of imaging data is made possible by newly launched Zero footprint HTML5 Web viewer, from any onsite or off site PC, Tablet or even mobile phones. Furthermore, CIS-CPACS System offers Cardiac Procedure reporting with point-and click access to automated Coronary Tree Diagrams, Procedure Reports and data for Research Analysis. Reports can be distributed using Web repository, HL7 Results Export, email, automatic print etc.

Leaping beyond the common solutions offered in today’s market, SoftLink’s Imagine LIS-RIS-PACS provides a complete ERP for a Diagnostic Centre. This solution comes in two variants with one targeted for a Diagnostic department within a hospital and another which targets the independent Diagnostic Centre as well as chain of multiple centres. Imagine Diagnostic Suite beside Registration, Billing and Reporting, provides seamlessly integrated back office modules like Inventory Management, HR-Payroll and Finance Management. While on the imaging front, Imagine Diagnostic Suite provides speciality specific viewers such as multi-modality Cardiac Enterprise Viewer, RAD viewer, ECHO viewer and HTML5 based ZFP Viewer complete the anytime, anywhere option.

Delivering Customizable, Comprehensive, and Integrated Hospital Management System (HMS)
SoftLink offers a ‘one stop healthcare solution’ – PANACEA - for healthcare institutions along with implementation and consulting service, hardware and software solutions. SoftLink provides implementation at lower cost for installation of the devices and integration as well as continuous support to its end users. The company reduces the extra
expense for costly tech support resources by offering compatible and fully integrated software and hardware solutions. Daily workflow of the hospital is recorded by PANACEA with the help of uniform and intuitive graphical user interface. The solution offers its users point and-click access to all the function included in business process with optimum use of keyboard and mouse.

Especially designed to manage administrative as well as clinical operations of a Hospital, Panacea is a customizable, comprehensive, and integrated Hospital Management System which has its successful use cases across standalone multi-speciality Hospitals, Group of Hospitals as well as Government Hospitals. With multi location functionality, this robust management system allows hospitals, satellite clinics, and medical stores to be interconnected for better efficiency and transparency. Panacea replaces the traditional approach of paper-based information processes with customizable alert based software that sends text and email reminders in real-time, thus significantly aiding hospitals in improving the quality and efficiency of patient care.

We focus on three areas of healthcare automation, which are considered to be the most important for the healthcare institutions, namely HIMs, EMR, cardiology and radiology

“If we look at it from management perspective, this software aids them to shore up revenue streams, patient records, and other critical metrics in real-time from one’s fingertips. It allows electronic sharing of patient records with other providers and medical applications to manage overall health care of patients. For example, patients and providers can see lab results and history online, securely chat with providers, and schedule the next appointment,” affirms Prakash Kamat.

Moreover, with a single integrated database design, the core of PANACEA provides for an Electronic Medical Record (EMR); EMR effectively integrates a document, imaging studies and delivery system that allows the instantaneous scanning, storage and retrieval of both electronically generated and handwritten material from any terminal in the PANACEA system. Doctors and Patients can check the calendar on mobile phones and live less chaotic care cycles. Panacea - Hospital Management System Software is available for on-premise, on-cloud and hybrid installations.

”We provide more than a regular HMS solution. With a fully integrated feature-rich LIS, RIS-PACS solution, it completes an ERP for any hospital or a diagnostic center”

“SoftLink has always been ahead of the technology curve; we talked about complete automation of hospitals in 1997 when hospitals did not have any software solutions deployed in their premises! Taking similar leads, SoftLink intends to harness power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to further drive efficiency and productivity in achieving clinical diagnosis. SoftLink is uniquely positioned to harness the power of AI-ML for healthcare IT with its product portfolio, domain knowledge, vast datasets and customer base. Our R&D Teams are working on new modules that will make use of AI-ML techniques to build expert systems, draw conclusions with data mining tools and diagnose images to help physicians to make accurate and quick diagnosis,” concludes Prakash Kamat.

Ensuring Shorter Product Development and Testing Cycles
As software product development requires a bright business idea, strong strategy, innovative practices and in-depth market knowledge, offshore product development (OPD) strategy allows Organisations to free up their valuable resources which in turn are directed towards more vital activities of product innovation, product management, CRM, marketing and distribution. And, this is where SoftLink with its expertise ensures shorter development and testing cycles, which directly affects time to market, reducing software development and support costs and enhancing product functionality in order to generate greater value to your customers.

“At SoftLink, we understand offshore product development (OPD) requires the offshore team to work in very close collaboration with the client’s engineering team. In the process, partnering with Softlink for your product development services helps you leverage over 22 years of domain knowledge, resulting in lower time to market, reduced development costs and knowledgeable manpower,” says Prakash Kamat. “Softlink utilizes its product development expertise and Healthcare IT solution frameworks to provide end-to-end product development cycle. We offer specialized product development services as well as end-to-end product development services based on our client’s needs,” he adds.