Ying Yang Solution: Providing Balanced and Sustainable HIMS Solutions

CIO Vendor According to a report by Markets and Markets, Global healthcare IT integration solution market is projected to reach USD 5.3 billion by 2024. Healthcare industry requirement is changing dynamically with respect to technology as hospitals are considered to be very complex organizations having various departments coordinating with each other for all allied services. India is experiencing growth in healthcare sector majorly due to its services and increased expenditure by public as well as private players. Rising healthcare cost and growing volume of data generated in healthcare system is the major driving factor for the increasing need of IT integration solution.

As IT is considered to be backbone of all the data processing, Hospital Information System is gaining popularity and has become fundamental part of hospitals. HIS plays important role in providing quality healthcare services and reduce the cost incurred. With the aim of catering to the needs of healthcare institution, Mumbai based company Ying Yang Solutions came into existence. The company has experience in deployment of solutions, Cloud based solutions and personalised mobile applications related to healthcare ERP. YYSL offers numerous modules for Patient Connectivity Wearable Device Integration, Patient Care Plan and Data Analysis for enhancing decision making.

Creativity Aligned with Efficient Delivery of Healthcare Service
Clients expect HIMS solution providers to deliver applications at faster rate and do minor software based amendments according to every healthcare institution requirements. YYSPL offers customized solutions to fulfil the needs of different healthcare institutions. YYSPL offers their solutions from ten bedded hospitals to 250 bedded hospitals. It offers Enterprise Resource Planning software, HOPSICARE, fully integrated single-solution information system built exclusively for healthcare and is
based on a multi-tiered network design. This concept has become the new standard for computer solutions; HOPSICARE allows seamless administration, scalability, reduces maintenance and overheads. YYSPL also offers DIAGNOCARE catering to the need of different diagnostic centre requirements ranging from 10 samples to 1000 samples per day to the multiple location centres. E-Lab Management software generates and publishes report on a secure online portal for patients and doctors to manage patient’s account and referrals.

We at Ying Yang believe that thinking outside the box along with seeking and promoting solutions will meet the aspiration of the entire healthcare industry and offer a path forward for Balanced Sustainability Solutions

E-Clinic cloud solution software is a subscription model. This software provides service at monthly nominal fee. E-Clinic software helps with patient’s registration and patient’s login. The software provides the ease of scheduling appointments and bill payment. E-Clinic software makes available patient’s record from anywhere to the doctors for detailed study about the case and help with further treatments of the patient. YYSPL cost effective integrated solution is considered to be very unique which has in-house development with no dependency on any third party for its delivery.

“We take care of Process and People requirements in healthcare industry and focus on their strength of diagnosis and treatment. We at Ying Yang believe that thinking outside the box along with seeking and promoting solutions will meet the aspiration of the entire healthcare industry and offer a path forward for “Balanced Sustainability Solutions” and as per the age old aspirations embodied in Ying Yang,” says Ruchi Gupta, Co-Founder.