Bionworks: Assuring a Better Connected Healthcare Ecosystem

CIO Vendor The healthcare industry in India is one of the fastest growing sectors and as per several researches conducted, is predicted to reach 133.44 billion Dollars by 2022. The digitization trend acts as a catalyst that drives the growth of this sector as enterprises attempt to migrate from their disparate legacy systems. The penetration of smartphones for efficient health management introduction of fitness apps and virtual consultations, and better informed patients are further propelling this unprecedented growth. Additionally, the significant 155 per cent increase in the value of merger and acquisition deals in the hospital sector demands for advancing technologies to integrate their operations and ensure better patient experiences. Furthermore the government's involvement in improving the quality of health delivered by allocating additional funds and the commencement of targeted initiatives such as their plan to increase spend on healthcare to 3 per cent of GDP and the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana(PMJAY)scheme will have the potential to carve the path for exponential developments in the industry. This mandates new age compliant IT systems being leveraged to assure inter operability and transparency across large geographies and organizational layers. The implementation of an end-to-end solution can prove to be a game changer. Enterprises are on the lookout for solutions that can simultaneously improve patient experience and health outcomes, save costs, increase staff productivity and drive up revenue while ensuring patient confidentiality and data privacy on a secure platform.

"We offer a mobile first EMR with clinical documentation and workflow capabilities, mobile solutions for patient engagement with virtual consultation capabilities and a CRM/post discharge care management solution"

Perfectly poised in this sector is Bangalore based Bionworks Technologies with its robust and innovative product, Healthplug, whose portfolio includes Healthplug MD, Healthplug MD SmartConsult,Healthplug PX, Healthplug FrontDesk and Healthplug CRM. The comprehensive workflow driven enterprise mobility solution accelerates the adoption of the electronic medical record, improves staff collaboration, transforms patient engagement and enables process automation in hospitals. "Healthplug is a workflow driven communications, collaboration and care co-ordination mobility solution for medium to large healthcare enterprises. We offer a mobile first EMR with clinical documentation and workflow capabilities, mobile solutions for patient engagement with virtual consultation capabilities and a CRM/post discharge care management solution," informs Chandrashekhar BC, CEO at Bionworks.

Improving Clinical Productivity And Outcomes
Healthplug MD, a mobile first EMR and a workflow driven clinical task management solution, has been designed to seamlessly integrate with legacy EMRs, thereby enabling healthcare providers to effortlessly mobilize their care teams and automate clinical and nursing activity as mobile clinical workflows. The solution is integrated with patient centric messaging and task management to ensure proper communication. Post deployment, one can obtain the complete medical records of the patient anytime, anywhere, thereby enabling quick decision-making. The solution is also equipped with push notifications on critical patient events such as critical results or high-risk situations. The feature rich solution provides fully flexible nursing assessments with smart scoring and automated escalations where the nurses have up to 20 per cent more time to spend with patients. Significantly improving the quality of care that is delivered, the solution enables faster triages resulting in optimized response times in Emergency and ICUs and also enhances patient satisfactionand patient education. All in all, the successful deployment of this solution increases the productivity where30 min/day/user is saved in logging in and out of EHRs, indicates up to 200 per cent improvement in referral response times and a 30percent reduction in time to discharge patients.

In tandem with this offering, the Healthplug MD Smart Consult, designed for ambulatory care is a user friendly touch based EMR designed for fast documentation. The innovative solution automatically codes from user input and text narratives using SNOMED CT terminology. The team at Bionworks have extensively worked on delivering this cutting-edge solution and incorporated some of the emerging technologies in order to stay ahead of similar solutions available in the market. The solution has been engineered with the capability to learn the user's documentation patterns and predict user input for faster completion. It also enables seamless booking of follow up appointments in the scheduling system or sends a referral to the selected team or practitioner, thereby reducing the manual follow-up work which is time saved that can be utilized elsewhere.

Healthplug Front Desk, a mobile enabled clinic management solution, offers a patient registration system with integration to existing HIS. The solution is equipped with visit registration, patient vitals capture visit queue management, ordering investigations and check out. It allows booking and managing clinic appointments easily and implementing administrative processes as mobile workflows with push notifications. The solution integrates with personal digital wallet solutions such as PayTM and also integrates with the existing patient management and ERP thus ensuring no time is lost.

Facilitating A Positive Patient Experience
Designed to serve patients as well, Bionworks offers Healthplug PX, a
patient engagement solution, which once implemented, permits patients to browse for available specialties and services at the hospital check schedules and book appointments online. It proffers secure access to visit history, discharge summaries results and take home prescription schedules information that can be uploaded and shared. Harnessing the power of emerging technologies, the solution offers virtual consultations where the patient can connect and follow up with hospital consultants and care coordinators anywhere, anytime through video. In the event of an emergency, the solution has the ability to identify the nearest facility with emergency services, send an SOS with user's location and sets the navigation course. And if the patients have any opinion that they feel would bring about a change in the way healthcare is delivered, the patients can raise complaints or give feedback using the mobile app. "Flexibility and adaptability is a fundamental need in a software system to drive continuous improvement in any enterprise. With decades of experience in the field, we at Bionworks have engineered our platform Healthplug with a completely flexible, machine learning driven workflow engine that enables hospitals to model and automate any business process with SLAs in a matter of hours," adds Chandrashekhar.

Bionworks Team
Meeting And Exceeding Customer Expectations
Having worked with a gamut of well renowned clients, Chandrashekhar recounts Bionworks being approached by one of India's prestigious hospital's outpatient unit that handles a volume of close to 1000 plus patients in a day with peak time footfall of 400-500 patients. Once the customer was on board, the team at Bionworks studied the various pain points before implementing the Healthplug mobility suite. The hospital, with limited OP desks, faced significant bottlenecks at the front desks leading to prolonged patient wait times during peak hours resulting chaos, loss of time and frustrated patients. The hospital decided to implement patient self service through patient apps and empower its front desk and guest relations team with front desk mobility apps. A large number of patients can now register prior to arrival at the hospital and check into their OP clinic via the patient mobile app. The front desk mobility app has enabled the hospital to add capacity by enabling the guest relation team to act as on the spot front desk during peak times. Patients are instantly notified on when their diagnostic reports are available and are able to access and download their reports as and when needed. “Within five months of transition to mobility, the hospital has delivered a much improved patient experience and achieved near zero waiting time in its registration desks and is now using its manpower a loT more efficiently,” informs Chandrashekhar.

The comprehensive workflow driven enterprise mobility solution accelerates the adoption of the electronic medical record, improves staff collaboration transforms patient engagement and enables process automation in hospitals

A recent entrant in the market, Bionworks already commands a growing market presence in India, the Middle East and South East Asia. “Our solutions have been implemented at over 40 facilities including Medanta The Medicity, Artemis hospitals, Emirates speciality hospitals by us or through strong network of OEM partners,” reveals Chandrashekhar. In fact, Medanta and Bionworks won the prestigious Pfizer grant to build a solution for preventing antibiotic misuse under the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP). Together, the team has implemented a semi automated AI tool, integrated with the hospital electronic medical record (EMR), which provides realtime feedback to the ASP on use of inpatient reserve antibiotic use. The ASP utilizes this tool to quantify inappropriate antibiotic use and report the scope of improvement in antimicrobial prescription practice in ICUs.

(L-R)Clement.J, COO & Chandrashekhar BC, CEO
Having made a positive impact in this domain, Bionworks is currently working on expanding its presence by penetrating into the US market through its existing and new OEM partners in the next financial year as well as establish offices in Dubai and Singapore to service its OEM partners and customers in those regions.