Irillic: Delivering World Class and Affordable Fluorescence Imaging Systems

CIO Vendor In recent years, there has been a quantum jump in fluorescence guided surgery procedures, leading to a high demand for new commercially developed and approved fluorescence imaging systems. Surgeons are looking for systems that would help in achieving better surgical outcomes for patients and assist them in real-time decision making in the OT. At the same time, surgeons also expect world class technologies, excellent system engineering and assured service support, which would be essential for them to improve surgical and treatment practices. Although there are several new fluorescence imaging systems for open surgical use with important features that are regularly emerging in the market not all of them meet these expectations of the surgeons.

Responding to these requirements, Irillic a Bangalore based company offers a simple and easy to use state-of-the-art fluorescence imaging system Irillic.nm that helps in obtaining better outcome for patients in a wide range of surgical procedures. Irillic.nm offers the power of realtime visualization of lymphatic flow, vascular flow and organ perfusion, helping surgeons make quick decisions during procedures which increase treatment accuracy and reduce complications and the need for corrective surgeries. This brings down overall treatment costs.

Irillic.nm fluorescence imaging will become a critical differentiator for the caregivers and give surgeons the power to visualize in realtime tissue perfusion and lymphatic flow. This greatly improves navigation. The simple hand held system design of the Irillc.nm fluorescence imaging system allows surgeons to navigate and make quick decisions with ease. In fact, surgeons using Irillic Fluorescence imaging systems during breast cancer surgeries have already published papers that indicate that this is a better method compared to the current gold standard of dual dye i.e. gamma probe using nuclear isotopes and blue dye. Apart from radiation hazards and other issues, the ICG based imaging with Irillic.nm significantly improves workflow and reduces cost by over 60%.

Irillic.nm can be set up in less than three minutes, enabling navigation to
point of interest with realtime fluorescence visualization, capturing of contrast flow videos and Hi-Q images. Irillic.nm has features like instant storage and replay of videos and images, maintaining patient records, generating reports and sharing studies with other physicians.

"We at Irillic are the first to develop, launch and evangelize Fluorescence imaging solutions for open surgeries and lymphedema screening across the country," says Anant Chilkunda, CTO of Irillic.

We at Irillic are the first to develop, launch and evangelize Fluorescence imaging solutions for open surgeries and lymphedema screening across the country

Single system used in multiple applications
The major benefit of using Irillic.nm is that it provides realtime blood and lymph imaging and doesn't require any radioactive isotopes. It is a cost effective system that comes with a high precision near infrared technology using ICG contrast dye.

"What makes Irillic.nm unique compared to the other fluorescence systems is that it can be implemented in multiple applications such as surgical oncology, lymphedema screening and surgery, flap perfusion assessments in reconstructive surgery, vascular perfusion and wound management, hepatobiliary surgery and parathyroid Auto fluorescence," affirms Anant. All these applications are important in delivering better surgical outcomes to a large number of patients across the country.

Future road map The company is currently focusing on advanced technologies in intraoperative imaging, minimally invasive technologies, microsurgical imaging, robotics, AI and disease screening without radiation. Moving ahead, the company is planning to develop a premium variant of itscurrent Fluorescence imaging system, a system for minimally invasive surgeries and AI system for cancer histopathology.