Ideas@UNO: The Go-To Consultants in Healthcare

CIO Vendor Healthcare industry in India is highly competitive and continues to evolve rapidly, meaning that organizations need to constantly understand and execute new ways to stay ahead of the curve and optimize opportunities. The face of healthcare has changed forever. The mode of communication to doctors and patients has changed with an emphasis on digital. This is where healthcare consultants can play an integral part. With their broad experience across the sector and consulting expertise, many companies seek to achieve their goals with the confidence that comes from professional analysis and guidance from individuals and teams within strategic healthcare consultancies.

Ideas@UNO Healthcare Communications provides conclusions and recommendations drawn from their analysis, organizational interactions and specific project challenges that ultimately helps organizations in creating and amending their strategies. They have proved themselves as strategic marketing consultants in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. The company has an edge over its competitors as built-in feedback from doctors in the detailing provides them real time market research data through CRM platforms.

Be it online or offline, Ideas@UNO has built a talented and experienced healthcare marketing team. “We recommend innovative methods and uncover potential opportunities to increase the overall effectiveness of clients,” says Hormazd Savak Irani, Managing Director of the company.

Patient Oriented Solutions
Established in 2006 in Mumbai, Ideas@UNO has a panel of experienced doctors across all
therapeutic areas. They have an in-depth understanding and are up to date in providing cutting edge research in their respective areas. Ideas@UNO has taken a big leap in the last few years and is considered one of the finest creative and digital agencies. They work with their clients to develop a patient-centered strategy.

The result of which is greater patient engagement, higher customer satisfaction, better patient care, and lower overall costs related to marketing. The company collaborate with its clients to create and implement strategies to help them resolve their challenges and achieve their goals efficiently, effectively and professionally.

We recommend innovative methods and uncover potential opportunities to increase the overall effectiveness of clients

Ideas@UNO does a lot of exhaustive concept testing with the target audience before the launch of any campaign which helps them ensure that the final campaigns have desired impact. They are among the first to get certified on global Closed Loop Marketing Platforms (CLM) like Proscape and Veena. Ideas@UNO understands the taste and needs of its audience. The company believes that it’s not just about having an eye-popping logo, a true brand needs to be broader and more purpose oriented, and create understanding of what the organization is all about, not just from a consumer standpoint but also to the internal stakeholders.

New digital tools like telemedicine or telehealth, remote detailing and monitoring, mobile health apps, CRM & CLM platforms help the agency get real time data. This helps the company design its communication strategy with precision. They have subscriptions to various relevant knowledge databases. Their discussions with senior management, brand managers and other key stake holders provide them with a rich trove of information which enhances their understanding of the market.